JCM800 merged profile

  • During rehearsal last night I ran through the set with my go to Diezel Profile and then on the second run through I used this Marshall profile. Incredible difference with the Marshall everything seemed to come alive. In the previous post you can see the adjustments I made on the amp, other then that I used my standard Eq setting in the X slot and it worked like a charm.

    Thanks again for a great profile.

    Hi Sanctum

    Tonight is the 1st time I will get to use it in a rehearsal so good to get this kind of feedback, many thanks I've made a copy with your settings too so I can compare the difference at a decent volume.

    Just out of interest, what EQ are you using in the X slot ?

    For me this profile may need some high end cutting but until I get it up against the rest of the band its hard to say :)


  • See Below. It does seem a little harsh at really volumes. But it reminds me of my old JCM800 so I do not mind it. Let us know how it sounds.

    Low Shelf 0.0 at 120 Hz
    High Shelf 0.0 at 12004.8 Hz
    Low Mid -3.1 at 397 Hz, Q at 5.00
    Low Mid -3.1 at 800.7 Hz, Q at 5.00
    Low Cut at 52.0 Hz
    High Cut at 12004.8 Hz
    Volume 0,00
    Mix 100%
    Ducking 0.00

    Just for reference, I play and ESP EII Eclipse 7 string with an EMG 81-7 and 707 tuned to standard B.

    Don't forget you are going to need a gate!

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  • Thanks mate, I'll give that a try.

    I used my profile last night and it really punched through. Very happy with it, I really couldn't tell any difference from the actual JCM800, all the power and grunt was there.

    I've been using the Kemper for 3 years or so now (2 years with the powered version) and this is the 1st time I've been "really" happy with my live/rehearsal tone.

    There are hundreds of really excellent profiles out there but I've never found one that felt like my own amp, I think the lesson here is if you want "your" tone, profile your own amp :)

    I'm going to make a few more profiles of this amp next week, some clean and some of just the amp (no GE7 and Tube Screamer in the chain) so you can add your own stomp effects. I will post them up when I've done them.

    Thanks for the feedback all..

  • I've also just uploaded a profile I made last night of our other guitarists Marshall DSL-100 HV, I've merged it with the same cab used on the JCM profile. His tone is more "sludgy" than mine but feel free to give it a go :)

    profile name DSL-100 HV

  • I enjoyed this profile very much. It is dialed with less mids than I usually use, I'm usually around 6 or 7 these days but still very useful and a well balanced tone.

    I've found the same as you @steveness. For me to be truly happy with the Kemper live, especially if also using a real cab I've had to profile my own amps. I've used plenty of very, very good profiles but the missing piece of the puzzle is when you get round to profiling your actual tone from your own setup, which makes perfect sense really and I believe that was always Kemper's real intention I believe from the beginning.

    I've got a 1980 Marshall JMP 2203 that I got modded by Steve Dawson who was Marshall's R&D Electonics Design Engineer from 2005 till 2014, he was responsible for the JMP and JTM 1 Watt series, the Astoria and the Hand Wired Reissues to name a few. It's modded to be an almost like for like component value of the Friedman BE-100 BE pre-amp with a few extras including dual gain controls for the extra 12AX7 and a "definition" pot that works the same way as the Kemper definition does.

    There really is no substitute for good profiles of your own gear. Glad you are enjoying it. I'll be sure to post some profiles of the amp when I get round to another profiling session maybe next week if any one is interested, depending on the time I get they will be of the hot rodded 80's Marshall vibe. But I'll try and sneak some clean and crunch ones in too if time permits. The lower input still sounds like good classic JMP with more usable tone controls rather than the whole Jose MOD/Friedman thing the high input has going on.

  • I had trouble finding it too, Ceddy.

    Eventually found it on the Exchange (Kemper site), but only through search as it didn't show up on the regular listing.

    You could try using the author's name (steveness); I think it's the same as the Profile metadata.

  • Just like all commercial profiles I've bought, my "Output" LED goes red when I play it stock.
    And YEEEEEES all my output settings are stock from reset!

    Does others LED goes red with this profile???

    This is record with 100% stock settings on the profiles, straight from Rig Manager. Using SPDIF.

    Can somebody else please record 2 Minutes To Midnight riff (or similar) and upload on Soundcloud and see if it sounds different?

    Does this sound right to you guys?

  • I had trouble finding it too, Ceddy.

    Eventually found it on the Exchange (Kemper site), but only through search as it didn't show up on the regular listing.

    You could try using the author's name (steveness); I think it's the same as the Profile metadata.

    I did find it after all! :)

    Tried it. Sounds nice but I'm still curious why all stock profiles goes red in my Output section.

    I've made threads about this several times, and nobody has a good answer. It's always "reset Kemper" for the millionth time, it doesn't help...

    That or "check pickup height" but thats even more ridioclous.

  • ha ha.. nice one Cederick. glad you like it.. I've just made some more profiles of the same amp and attached them as a zip file.

    The naming convention is a bit odd as I had a few issues with a dodgy XLR cable so ended up having to do another batch so just renamed some of them so I knew what they were !

    Basically most were done via high channel with a GE7 EQ, I tweaked the EQ a few times hence the slight difference in profiles.. The ones with GE7TS in the name also had a tube screamer with Overdrive low but output around 1pm.

    The one with RAW in the name has no inline effects, its just he JCM800 set to the same EQ as the other profiles, I've also done 1 profile of the amp in the low channel.

    M at the end means merged, no M = direct profile so you can add your own cab :)

    I've not had much of a chance to run these through my DAW yet, but the direct profiles sounded exactly the same as the JCM800 through my Mesa cab

    enjoy !