Callaham parts

  • I just installed a Callahan bridge block on my Mexican Classic Player 60's strat and I'm blown away. Apparently, they are the only company that makes steel bridges, saddles, blocks and everything else metal. Not even custom shop strats and tele's or high end Les Pauls use steel. And apparently the steel makes all the difference. My strat was a good instrument before this mod and actually had Callahan saddles. However, changing the block to a Callaham made a huge difference. You know how strats can have the weak plastic sound particularly when unplugged, like the enegry of the strings doesn't go anywhere? Well that is gone now. It has so much more sustain and resonance. Night and day difference. Plugging in today impressed me even more. It still sounded like my strat, but fuller. However, the top end didn't sound brittle. Absolutely the best bang for your buck is replacing the stock bridge block! Costs $65.