midi message option for effects loop

  • The ability to work send midi messages within a rig has been requested before. At the moment we can have a particular midi message sent at rig changes. With only one effects loop we only have the ability to turn on and off one device (unless we have two or more devices in the one loop that we manually control, such as three overdrive pedals. ) I would therefore suggest the following three upgrades:

    1) Rig change midi messages in the effects loop. Many of us that regularly use the effects loops for things such as mods, delays, and reverbs, probably place the loop effect in the X slot. What might be helpful is to have the midi messages we want sent when the rig is selected accessible within the parameter of the audio loop effect. This way they "travel" if we copy and paste this rig into a different performance bank, something that I constantly have to do. Currently if I copy a rig from one bank to the other, the midi settings don't travel with it.

    2) switchable midi messages in the effect loop: I addition to setting up what message, or messages is sent when the rig is selected, the ability to assign On and Off messages that can be assigned one of the effects switches on the Remote. That way, you're H9 that's in the loop, for example. You leave the loop always on and rather than assign the loop to turn on and off, you send message 5 and message 100. (5 being a subtle spring reverb effect and 100 telling the H9 to turn off) you assign midi message 5 to On, and 100 to Off) or vice versa if you feel like. Perhaps you toggle presets 5 and 6 on your H9 with 6 being a hall reverb? If there are multiple messages available on different channels, you could send messages to multiple effect devices set it up so you could toggle effects from two separate devices, such as a delay you like from your timeline and a subtle reverb you like from your Big Sky. Then you hold one of the soft keys (perhaps it says "hold to assign") and then press the footswitch on the Kemper Remote (as opposed to holding down the X slot button when you want to toggle the on off status of the loop itself. Just like that with a few simple twists you can make that one effect loop on the Kemper function like it has many.

    3) make the above controls available in a effect called "midi messenger." In this case, if you had a midi device or multiple devices that you didn't plan to use within the Kemper's effect loop, you could choose "Midi Messenger" from list of effects in "Type" This gives you the same options for ON OFF midi messages assignable to one of the four Remote switches listed above. In my case, since I have an eventide H9 and Line 6 M5 in the effects loop in the X slot, I also own a midi controlled loop switcher that I control with the Kemper, which has 3 overdrive pedals. Currently I cannot turn on and off or switch the loops other than at rig change. I'd like to be able to choose a rig and then select different combinations of these loops without leaving the Rig, so that they'd essentially function the way the internal overdrives function, that is the ability to turn them on and off within the same rig. Then you can assign an On and Off midi message (or multiple messages on particular channels to both the on and off status of one of the Remotes switches.

    The best part of this additional midi functionality is it enables users to keep all their effect pedals in a rack with the Kemper, rather than half a dozen cables going to and from the Kemper. Currently, there are only midi messages available at rig change. Secondly the Kemper only has one effects loop. Thirdly, Kemper refuses to design an all-in-one floorboard Kemper. So for the guitarist that needs flexibility and wants to use external effects, they currently have four less than ideal options. 1) keep everything in a rack and settle with the limited flexibility to control their external effects with the Remote. 2) keep all their effects at their feet and run half a dozen cables between the Kemper and their pedal board. 3) Fix their Kemper on the back of their pedal board. 4) own a third party switcher and midi foot controller to operate all your effects and the Kemper and lose a lot of the convenience that comes from using Kemper's dedicated remote.