Anyone using and/ or tried Class D poweramps?

  • Just ordered my second Kemper rack (non-powered). This one I'm gonna use with a stereo poweramp in a stereo FRFR set up.
    I want a poweramp that is lightweight and compact and does NOT sound like a tubeamp (yes, because it has to be FRFR as fas as possible!!).
    A 1HE 19" amp would be great and I'm interested in:
    - Synq 1k0
    - Power Dynamics PDD 1200

    Maybe there are other types and brands that fit my demands? I don't think Matrix will do the job because it is stated as a "tube like" poweramp.

  • All I know is that when Class D came onto the scene is was a game changer (IMHO at least). I remember that PMC immediately started offering some its uber-excellent (and expensive!) monitors with these things built in, where previously the company had insisted the end user buy ultra-high-end power amps to drive them.

    The ultra-linear performance (response time, frequency response, low distortion etc.), lower heat etc. should, you'd think, make it the perfect partner to a Kemper; the speakers (you said you're gonna run stereo) will be the only "limitation" in hearing exactly what the Kemper outputs.

    I predict you'll be very happy, DML, provided you buy anything half-decent. I'm guessing 'though that even semi-crappy units would sound very good indeed.