Has anyone tried the dunlop Dvp1xl?

  • Hi

    I'm looking for an expression/volume pedal. I've read through most of the threads on the topic, where I think most people go for the Mission EP1 or dvp3. Ccorrect me if I'm wrong but no one seems to have mentioned the dvp1xl. It's a bigger version of the dvp3 and quite a bit less expensive so I was thinking to get it.
    What do u guys think or know?

  • I've got one. It works flawlessly, never let me down in the two odd years I've had it. It is bigger and built like a tank, it is not the lightest of things either. I went for it because I've got big feet and have zero regrets on the purchase.
    A robust piece of kit that works great with the KPA and the remote.

  • I also have 2 of the XLs.
    No issues and work great!

    I taped bright colored strips in the little area between where the rubber pad ends and the end of the rocker pedal (1/4" x 2 3/4"cut from paint swatches from the local paint store).
    Yellow - Morph
    Green - Vol/Wah

    Morph is connected in the remote's Pedal 6 with a 6" cable.
    Wah/Vol is in Pedal 5 with a 12" cable.
    Right angles on both ends.
    When the cables are "fully stretched out" and the top of the pedals are even with the back of the remote, the Morph (left pedal) is 3" from the remote, and the Wah/Vol (right pedal) is 1" away from the Morph..

    Keeps everything tight and clean.