Where are the Blues/Soul guys?

  • In this forum, you here more and more about Kemper and Heavy Metal or the "harder" tones.
    I would like to hear more about music with feelings, with blues, with soul, with that warm
    tone of Eric Clapton f.e.!
    Are there people to post such own recorded songs and profiles here?

  • Hmmm... While I certainly don't agree with the implication that metal and hard rock don't have feelings or soul, I can see why it would currently seem like that's the majority of the community. I don't think it is, and it certainly wasn't when I started coming here :-)

    I'm sure if you dig down in the "link your music" subforum you will find something. But it would be nice to hear some more of this :-)

  • I don't think there can be any doubt that the metal and hard-rock peeps have seemed to be in the majority.

    1) Maybe they post and also upload their music more than the mellower guys, probably partly because of point 3).

    2) Bear in mind that metal has diversified and grown quite a lot this century.

    3) Metal and hard-rock players tend to chase flavours more IMHO, always looking for that next favourite straight-out-of-Hell tone. Many of them are never satisfied, and are more than happy to admit it.

    4) The blues / funk / fusion / jazz folks tend to find their tone/s that work/s and stick with it / them. For this reason, they're less likely to share their latest Profiles / tweaks and music showcasing it / them.

  • Here and Here and Here are a couple of things I've done in the past ...pretty much all of my stuff is bluesy/country low gain (with occasional bit's of metal lol) ...use gold foils and filtertrons :) ....oh just remembered ...This ...there you go :)
    Check out King Size Voodoo Traveller or Fickle Lilly ...if you want more ..

  • Lots of us like blues/jazz and soul music a lot and have some specific profiles to play this kind of music. I'm also pretty sure that most of the KPA owner still have a folk guitar, so don't feel alone here.

    The choice of free fenders , bluesbreaker, voxes & so on is huge on the rig exchange and rig packs, so it's not difficult to find great blues sounding amps. I also remember a few free profiles from Andy (Red Plate) dedicated to blues music. I've some blues profiles in my commercial packs and I did narrow a good selection of cleans and crunches for strat , P90 and LP type guitars.

    On my own , I've made a few track with a bluesy or soulf feeling, but I find it quite difficult to have an authentic vibe in this kind of song. The best ones I wrote down were definitelly the ones made in certain difficult times in my life, I'm not in a bad mood enough to record any real deep feeling blues music now... Each time I try I end up with some basic 12 bars that is no interest and largely not enough soul & feel to it ;)

    now for some music (instrumental , sorry) :

    here is a track that I really dig since it has some very nice blue phrasing in it, but it's not blues :)

    This one is more of a bluesy one (I made it while I was sick as a dog)

    While I have some really nice guitars at home (70's Gisbon, Hollows, Fujiken stuff ...) these were recorded on a stock 2nd hand 250€ thinline squier tele , the stock pickup giving a nice vintage tone.

  • I am a classic / progressive rock player but, I also enjoy and am influenced by blues and jazz. You can play any style of music on any amp and guitar. Music is a feeling more than anything. Grab any profile and turn up/down the gain, dial in your preferred EQ and play. It's that simple.
    I always sound like me through any amp and with any guitar, because music comes from inside you and not the gear.

  • I would never take care if there are more Metalplayer than Rocker or even Bluesmen.
    The most important denominator, however, is to play music you like. For yourself and/or for an audience.

    BTW: I like to hear Classic very much even I cannot play it by myself.

  • No doubt there are more profiles aimed at those who prefer the heavier stuff.
    Sad really since I feel the Kemper shines when it comes to clean and the light overdriven sounds.

    I also like to have lots of gain on tap, but mostly I use slightly overdriven and purring gain sounds. I guess my main influences when it comes to sounds are Hadley Hockensmith (Koinonia), Paul Jackson Jr. and Jeff Beck.

    Yesterday I made 4 profiles of a Mesa Boogie Mark 1 (76) that I hope people would try out. They are made to sound good in my 1x12 Palmer Cab and are merged so they hopefully will sound decent direct as well. The profiles are made at approximately the same level that I would play live and the mic is placed how it normally would be placed in a live setting. Just search my name to find the profiles in Rig exchange.

    My plan was to put out a thread myself, but can't seem to figure out how to start "new thread". Help is appreciated. :-)

  • I agree with the statement that it seems that there are prominently metal guys using the kemper.
    A couple of years ago when I was starting to come round to the idea that I'd like to buy one,
    I went on YouTube to hear some examples, and found only guys and gals playing some veriety or another of metal. Not much use to me as I was thinking of having it in the studio and it would have to cover a lot of ground.
    It's a bit better now, but not much.

    If it's any help to you, I can say without a doubt, that the kemper does the lot!
    I've recorded an enormous veriety of music with it and it's always come up trumps.

    I will also add, that I didn't find full satisfaction with the unit untill I started to use MBritt profiles, and now his profiles are the only ones I use. I find that they can cover all the ground I might need, with the possible exception of some modern metal, which is fine by me.

  • I will also add, that I didn't find full satisfaction with the unit untill I started to use MBritt profiles, and now his profiles are the only ones I use. I find that they can cover all the ground I might need, with the possible exception of some modern metal, which is fine by me.

    Have you tried setting the clarity parameter at 3 for other profiles to see if you like them better that way? mbritt seems to do this with a lot of his profiles (from the pack I have, anyway) :-)