experience with seymour duncan blackouts

  • yo dudes,

    first of all thx to kemper dudes to have this piece of equipment.

    Now, when i am playing or recording , yep high gain in dropped A, i always have the impression that the profiles are either to much hiss and fizz, tried to lower the gain, but then it starts to get weak, not much punch, clean sense already to -12 , added some eq's , sounded a bit better but not so convinced. So now i played a bit with the distortion sense , and set it at -5 , the sound has cleaned up, not that much hiss. Now my question is, are there any sd blackouts users who do it the same way or have other tips/issues with these pickups.


  • I'd be interested if either of you or anyone else has found a solution to this, or any particular profiles which suit these pickups. I play an 8 string also with Seymour Duncan blackouts, and it's the one guitar that just doesn't quite sound right with the KPA and high gain profiles. The DI from it is overly hot, and any sort of adjustment (i.e. clean sens, lowered input, lowered output) doesn't seem to help which leads to distorting DI recordings (even though no clilping is apparent and the input light doesn't go red) and the high gain tones sound overly fizzy and with the actual profile sounds rolling off the gain reduces the power as you've mentioned.

  • Both of these videos were recorded using the Duncan Blackouts (7 String). Excuse the rough playing. I like using sinmix profiles as well as the TAPP Marzian and Iratus profiles by @EdwardPayne . For lower tuned guitars the TAPP profiles are amazing.

    Mess around with the definition settings and pick attack.

  • Have Loomis black outs here and yup takes some tweaking since they are as hot as a rattle snakes asshole
    What? think about how hot a rattle snakes ass is on the desert sand or floor?

    I did not know about the TAPP stuff thank you.
    Here it is try these
    Our goal was to create Kemper profiles that would handle extended range tunings exceptionally well and offer the newest Kemper profiling features, including DI/merged profiles.

    Also Frank and Lars from the Tone Hammar have a free 8 string profile that works well


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