Connecting 2 way dual switch with Kemper

  • Hi,

    I purchased the new Kemper 2 way footswitch to toggle up and down between distortion/clean in Performance mode. It connects, but only one switch will work... so i can scroll up but not down, OR down but not up, depending whether I connect it to the 1 or 2 switch/pedal input at back of the kemper.

    I also have the same issue trying a Boss FS-6 dual footswitch.. Only toggles in one direction.

    According to the instructions, it should go both up and down from one TRS cable in either of the sockets...

    1. Use a 1/4 TRS cable (stereo) to connect your profiler switch to any of the PEDAL sockets of the Profiler (1 or 2) or the Profiler Remote (3...6).
    2. Enter System Settings and select page Pedal 1...6 depending on the socket you are connected to.
    3. Use the soft knob to set the Mode parameter to Profiler Switch.
    4. Now you can select switching functions for switches A and B.

    Maybe i've bumped something wrong in the settings, or haven't calibrated correctly... Or maybe it needs a splitter to plug into both sockets..

    Any ideas for me to try would be a huge help.


  • @cabba, did you get this sorted?
    I've just received my Kemper Dual Footswitch and, connected as you describe above, which is exactly as described in the accompanying instructions, it works perfectly. So it doesn't need calibrating and certainly shouldn't need a splitter.
    However, before I read the instructions properly, I connected mine to the Remote and selected the socket that I was using, in System Settings, and I selected "Dual Switch" in Mode, instead of "Profiler Switch", and it behaved exactly as you say - only one switch worked.

  • Use Kemper TRS cables. That seems to be the only way it will work to bank up and down. I think the reason is that the spacer between the tip and the ring of the shaft for all of my standard TRS cables is wider than the Kemper cable that came with my dual switch. The cable they ship with it is way too short to use as a stand-alone foot switch. What I don’t know is if there are any TRS cables other than Kemper that have the same spacing. Help! Lol