That Rig Show #11 - Michael Britt Rig Pack walkthrough

  • OMFG, these profiles ROCK!!

    The Guytron, Wizard, Victory, and Metropoulos in particular are making my '58 reissue a very happy Les Paul.
    Also, turn the Vibro-King gain up to 4 and you get a kick-ass Live At Leeds tone.

    Thank you!!!

  • This is revolutionary to my old ears...... The 69 Marshall 50 9 3 is what I have been seeking from my old Marshall Stack days. I have just about all of Michael`s profiles now and my Les Pauls would like to thank you as well. No muddiness on this side. All good. Many thanks people.

  • thanks guys.
    glad you like it. :)

    this selection was thoroughly tested and tested again by numerous guitar players, with all kinds of different guitars and pickups.

    And I think the variation of tones as well as the overall applicability of said tones were well worth the effort. :) Well, it was also a lot of fun. :D

    Of course, we had stellar material to begin with, thanks to @lonestargtr 's ears, experience, talent and support.

  • This is awesome. With the massive over saturation of the commercial market, it's brilliantly that kemper still releases free packs. And not just any old rubbish, top notch profiles that could be enough to keep any player going for a lifetime!

    I love my kemper!

  • Kinda weird guys saying it sounds dark with a Les Paul, my LP's are quite bright sounding. A typical LP just has more power and less noise than a tele. I am always rolling off the tone on my bridge pickups and even use pure nickel strings to warm it up. All of LP's have custom bucker pickups.

    I have been using MBritt profiles since he started selling them, they always work well for me. They only thing I do is add a little of my direct guitar into the mix, to add a little more initial attack and some of the guitars character.

  • @Eltzejupp Frank, the tones may sound slightly different than the video, as others besides you have mentioned, but with my Music Man Majesty (yes, I know you own one of these also, and no Tele here) - they still sound just awesome!

    Thank you Michael and the whole Kemper team for making these available to all (although many I had already purchased). Glad you had a blast testing these rigs @DonPetersen ;)

  • First things first,

    thank you Michael Britt, Kemper team and Ruben Roeh. I've been a fan of MB profiles for quite some time now but the presentation from Ruben Roeh showed me new sonic possibilities with M. Britt's ever excellent profiles. I already bought many of them but still was happy to learn about new ones and new ways to handle old ones.

    I say they have been picked very meticulously from the lot.

    In my humble experience many Kemper profiles sit well with a well aged telecaster. Naturally this was the first guitar I chose for a test.

    Really well done!

    Thanks a lot


  • These are 50 profiles that Kemper handpicked from my commercial packs. I'll be putting out a list of which profiles came from which packs very soon, but they are all from existing packs. Since some of these are still included in my packs, I have adjusted the pricing on most all of my packs to compensate for the fact that a handful are available in this free rig pack. I think it gives folks that haven't purchased any or many of my packs a good representation of what's available. For most players, this may cover everything they need and for those who like collecting a bunch of profiles, it makes it a little more affordable to do so as well.

    Thanks for all the support and I hope the profiles work for you. I think Kemper did a great job of showcasing some of the tones. I wish I could play that well. :)

    I can attest to the quality of the MBritt rigs! I've had 4 of the biggest packs for a couple of years now and have now completed the collection by adding the rest! Needless to say I'll be playing guitar all weekend! Hoping to have a few new tones picked out for band practice Sunday!!!

    Mike, I don't think you have any shortcomings in the playing "well" department!

    The Profile Whore

    I am a Profile Whore... Sometimes a Recovering Profile Whore...
    but mostly a Complete and Utter Profile Whore... I want them all... aCk!!! 8|:love:

  • Homeboy in the original post can sure hammer the hell outta that Tele, though... jeez......

    I am a Profile Whore... Sometimes a Recovering Profile Whore...
    but mostly a Complete and Utter Profile Whore... I want them all... aCk!!! 8|:love: