official public bug tracking

  • In a perfect world there would be no bugs... but since we roam in the real world:

    Updating and Kemper-houskeeping would be a lot easier for me if we had an official resource for the status of bugs. I like not having to spend lots of time setting up live microphones, but I enjoy digging around the www for often times mission-critical information even less... Let me explain via two scenarios:

    1) go online to see what people report
    2) read through all related threads
    3) some people reporting problems, often times not clear if due to "user error" setup specifics...etc
    ... at the end: I remember reading that someone somewhere had somekind problem...

    1) go online, see if others have the same problem
    2) is this problem "official"?
    3) does Kemper know about it?
    4) has it been fixed in the latest update?
    ... at the end: I remember reading that someone somewhere had a similar problem, that was kind of fixed, but don't remember exactly... wait let me use the semi-intelligent search function... 30 mins later... ?(

    Right now the information is kind of... partly... available in many places (mainly in "some thread", release notes...). I can't see any reason why this should not be available in a more compact format. "option-deluxe" would be a feature "inform me when the bug is fixed :thumbsup: "

    What do you guys think?

  • I agree. Still bug reports (as many as possible) are necessary to help track the bug down

    I totally agree! And in ADDITION it would be nice to refer people to the relevant entry @bugreporter rather than the old narrative: "....yeah, I remember reading about that that problem, don't remember if it ever got sorted out... might have been something else tho...."

    This could also be useful for the guys @Kemper (although they were not crazy for the idea when I first talked to them about it). Say there was a bug that was hard to reproduce... The issue could be posted with a "pending confirm-tag". This is a very active community, I bet within less than 48hrs there would be a 95% "confirmed/falsified" status to every single entry.

  • if you find a bug, contact us and report the bug on the forum if you feel the need to share it. as it turns out we will not be able to share our notes with you.

    I think you are missing the point. It's not about the need to share something, it's about have the necesseary knowledge to use your product. Simply put: I need to know what it can and connot do. The cannot part is the problem here... there simply is no oficial resource about it. So I get you are reluctant to implement an official bug tracker (for reasons unknown). So how about this then:

    You could at least include the "known isues" along with the release notes. How about that? That way people don't have to waste time digging around for problems on the forums, that are already on your list...

  • use a release version and you will be able to to do everything you need to do. that's why it is a release version.

    yes, human errors happen but that doesn't mean we have a massive back log of open issues we hide from anybody when we release a new software version. our products are designed to be used in a professional environment and judging by how many well known users we have, that seems to work pretty well.

    usually we do not comment of feature requests. in your case i wrote a reply because i wanted to line out what needs to be done in case somebody has a problem. it wasn't an invitation to discuss this further.