Stomp - Locking in Performance-Mode

  • I would like to save and lock my stomp-Effects in separate Peromances separately- for example:
    I am playing in different Bands - the first Band is a Hard-Rock-Band where I need other effects than in another Band where we play Pop-Covers, or when I play with a choir, or playing Dance-Music at a wedding. So I need 5 different performances with 5 different type of Effects locked. It would be nice to save and lock the Effects now per Performance and not just globally locked.
    It would be like having different Floor-Boards - what do you think of that?
    I dont think that this would be too difficult to integrate in the Software - please.

    lg from South Germany
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  • I know this is an old post, but I wanted to bring up the exact same thing and used the search function to check if it had been asked before.

    Here on the forum and in the Kemper users Facebook group, it's obvious that locking is a very useful feature. I've often suggested it to players looking for a more traditional stomp box-like experience, especially to retain the on/off state of a delay or other effect across different rigs in a performance.

    The drawback is that locking is global: it's either on across all performances, or off. That means that if you want the advantage of a persistent delay that you can turn on or off independently at any point within a song, you also have to use the same delay effect for all your songs. But a user may have a country performance, where they want the delay to be locked across the five slots, and then another performance for rock, with a different delay, which they also want to be locked across those five slots. Right now, that isn't possible. Okay, you could always "unlock, switch to different performance, lock again", but that's a tricky and fiddly operation that can't be done from the Remote and isn't optimized for live use.

    I have to admit I'm not sure how it could be implemented without complicating the user interface, but locking effects just for a performance instead of globally (and being able to save that locked state as a part of that performance) would be a great feature for many users, I think.

  • Is "retaining the on/off state of a delay or another effect across the Slots of one Performance" the essence of this request?

    If you just want your country delay in five Performances and your rock delay in five other Performances, you could set it up as intended e. g. for country, lock it, step through the Slots of the country Performances and store these that way, then set the delay up for rock, step through the Slots of the rock Performances and store these that way, then unlock. I mean, this is an effort of a few minutes and avoids the complexity of locks on various levels and how these coexist.

  • Hello Burkhard, I'll be honest: this request is not for myself. :)

    It's simply a situation I've encountered when answering questions from other users. In those cases, retaining the on/off state was indeed part of the essence of what they were after.

    (In other cases, where the main goal is simply to have the same delay settings in each slot of a performance, I give the same advice you just did: to use locking as a tweaking tool for combining parts of different rigs.)

    Those conversations made me think about the locking feature. In Browse mode, it is perfect the way it is now, as a very useful tool for creating and tweaking rigs, trying out different combinations of amps, cabs and effects, and so on. But in Performance mode, as a performance tool, I think it would benefit from being restricted to (and saved with) individual performances.

    I realize that a request on behalf of anonymous other users is not very convincing, so let's say it's just something I was thinking out loud about. :)

  • I think, there is still a need for a global locking e. g. disabling the CAB-module or maintaining a wah effect globally. Your request is related to Performance specific locking. I've seen at least one other user organizing Performances as amps and channels, who has been requesting a locking of a particular Slot e. g. Slot 2 in all Performances perhaps for an eq affecting all crunch channels. I'm concerned about the usability, when these dimensions meet.

    A global option to either keep or withdraw the on/off state of all eight effect modules (plus perhaps Action&Freeze controllers) if Slots are changed remotely, is much simpler.

  • Yes, I think you're right. Giving up global locking in Performance mode is not an option.

    And I can't imagine how a combination of both versions -- global and per performance locking -- would work with regards to usability. It would easily become confusing and there may even be conflicts between both systems. Still... If anyone ever comes up with an elegant solution...

  • Boss does something similar in the GT1000.

    They don't lock the on/off state but you can create global stompboxes. I don't remember how it works in detail, but you can create a (let's call it) stompbox1 and add it in every preset you like.

    When you change some settings in stompbox1, these settings are changed globally everywhere, where stompbox1 is used.

    This isn't exactly like locking something performance wide, but it can help with organizing rigs using the same effects.

    However, what Burkhard said could work for live use: Set the same delay in every performance slot, the lock the delay slot while using this performance. When you change to a different performance, you have to unlock it. This could be a workaround for people who want to lock something just in one performance..

  • My take on it is like this…very much like what has already been said....

    I have about 20 performances where I keep all the same slots with the same settings. This is a good candidate for locking all slots.
    However, I have another 4 “special” performances where everything is completely different, for surf and rockabilly.

    If I lock all the slots, I now have to unlock before selecting one of the “special” performances which is completely impractical on stage.

    So, to avoid that I have all the 20 performances saved with the same settings.

    OK, you might say, but if I decided that for example the reverb is too high (on all of these 20), I have to go through all 20 performances, edit them and re-save, which is quite a pain. So much so that I have given up refining these slots.

    Globally locking all slots, then selectively picking a performance and being able to “withdraw” it from global locking would, I believe, eliminate the problem.

    I’m sure this issue is not just mine and I've seen no other way around it in 7 years, unless of course I have missed something obvious.

  • Searching for the very same thing wheieck asked many years ago I came across with this thread that I thought it would be nice to bring up.

    I was creating a main performance for almost all songs and decided to create something like an FX performance where I had more special effects or the same effects with drastically different parameters (morph is not an option, it’s already being used).

    I had to give up because I need the effects of the main performance locked to retain the on/off state when changing rigs inside the performance, but then I realized they’re locked globally. It can’t be done.

    From a software point of view I think this can be done by deciding what type of locking function you want whenever you try to lock a module, either globally or within a performance. Obviously there will be several things to take into account, but here comes the “elegant solution” Robrecht was talking about.

    Also, given that many guitarists are using Kemper because it sounds amazingly close to “ “the real thing”, it would be so nice to create the OS thinking on those analog people that want to replicate their analog rig -which right now is my main goal and I’m not having any luck??‍♂️?-.

  • Plus one for a more flexible locking system.

    What i see being a hindrence, might be that as more flexibility is added, the learning curve for newcomers is steeper. Now i can’t speak for the Kemper team, but this might be on their mind.

    I had my own midi gadget build to work around the locking limitations. One of three hardware gadgets i’ve had costum build to make the Kemper conform to my needs.

    And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

  • Another stomp improvement would be to only lock the state of the slot. Meaning that as the rig changes, the stomp stays in the on/off state that it had in the previous rig. No matter the contents the rig has stored in the slot. The content in the slot changes, but not the on/off state, which is assignet to a midi cc

    And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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