I'm selling my Fractal AxeFX 2 XL+ tomorrow and buying my first Kemper... What should I expect?

  • Yeah I hate tweeting too. Kemper seems to have lots of good moments to turn it on and start playing. Organic-like enough to where you don't feel the need to keep running over and looking at all the fine detail in sub menus.

    Great point, Nemo.

    I too have found that the "organicness" of a Profile being played is satisfying-enough to prevent one from reaching over and tweaking. One might lean over or even reach out in response to a thought about editing, but, for me and you at least, there's sufficient interest in the complex, interacting, evolving harmonics produced by just about any Profile of a decent amp to hold the brain's "interest"... and we back off, sit back and resume playing, no?

    I've banged on about the extraordinary mathematics the brain exercises on audio signals in real time as a matter of course / to entertain itself / keep itself busy many times online, and at least a couple of times here too I think, so I'll resist doing so again and simply put forward my belief that these real-tube-like signals we receive, in all their complexity, produce wonderful fodder for the maths I said the brain thrives on.

    Another way of putting it might be that, say, a bunch of plastic, dyed-or-painted toys in a room will provide a very-limited (comparatively) palette of fodder (simpler and fewer numbers) to a young, hungry brain than, for example, a leaved tree swaying in the wind or even the viewing of waves breaking and rolling in at the beach.

    The Kemper is the tree or the waves, and IMHO all other "modellers" are the plastic toys in the room. In case it's not clear to anyone still, I'm saying that IMHO, the numbers involved in most modellers' signals are by an order of magnitude less-complex and common (less of them) than those of the Kemper / a real amp. I didn't design the Kemper obviously, but I can hear this, or even-more to the point, feel it. That's the thing - the way we judge sound with our propellerhead caps on is a different matter from how complex the signal is mathematically. One literally has to allow the brain some playtime and only if one's reasonably-aware (and not drunk or whatever), will one begin to perceive the true benefit I speak of.

    You, Nemo, obviously experience sufficient "satisfaction feedback" from your brain to keep you easily-satisfied. I have the same problem. Damn the ruddy Kemper - everything was hunky-dory analytical and tweaking and now I'm an easy room. Dang.

  • Philosopher, scientist, technician.....No, and yes, MM is a generous provider of knowhow. Hail to MM, though we miss his avatar.  :thumbsup: