Matrix FRFR users?

  • I doubt there's any correcting to do. Everyone's got an opinion...

    I've been looking through forums too these last couple of days as I'm thinking about getting one too and all I've seen is that they are highly recommended by pretty much every post I can find.

    They're flat in range and in response with minimal colouring of sound. Whether you choose the CLR, the Q12 or any of the Matrix FR range, it's purely about brand loyalty and size of speaker at this point because they all pretty much do the same thing to the same standard.

  • I don't know how or why but the cab I got now sounds fine. Could it have been the Kemper itself vibrating? Very embarrassing if so.

    Anyway, it sounds great to me and far superior to the Yamaha DXR-10. As it's not plastic, it sounds more realistic, although I don't think it's 'colouring' the sound.

    So, what did you read, @pamplemousse? I must say I'm impressed. And the customer service has so far been top drawer.

  • Can't speak for @pamplemousse, but I have seen that it doesn't react quite the same at low volumes. This is also a critique of the Mission Gemini that I use, but I don't use them at low volume so not an issue for me.

    One other critique I found on the powered FR10 and 12's is that they are built to run hot with no fan. While the absence of a fan certain helps sound-wise, the back runs very hot and some guys have been leery of it burning either themselves or something else (say, loading into a car and burning the backseat fabric). I can't personally speak to that being a valid concern or not having not tried them myself.

    The main thing that had me choose the Gemini over any Matrix stuff is the coaxial design. The Matrix stuff has that PA speaker separation of the tweeter and whoofer while the Gemini reacts very much like a cab and has even dispersion, not to mention it looks like a traditional cab. It aint light, though, and you can't beat Matrix for the weight.

    I spoke to Andy from Matrix some time ago and gave me his number to drive up that way to their showroom and test out their stuff. I've been meaning to do that, so maybe comparing side by side with my PowerHead and Gemini 1-P, something will stand out. Would be interesting if I had the same impression @ElDoca wrote about in this thread.

  • Well that's good to know. it may have been specific customer complains. I can't remember where I read such things I usually spend some time over the web at work. I remember being surprised cause I read a couple of negative reviews in a short time, that was months ago. Plus I remember a year ago when they released the FR active cabs they were a pain in the ass in communication when I used to inquire about the product. That made me a little suspicious.
    In the end all is well. Most important is that we all enjoy our gear and the kpa

  • Post-rehearsal update:

    Undoubtedly, and unsurprisingly, does not kick through in a band mix like a real cab. The rest of the band had no issues but I didn't feel like I had as good a sound as when I used my little Zilla. I hooked up to the PA which helped me get a better mix, and I've no doubt it's going to sound as good to an audience, but the cab appearance will likely mislead a few.

    EQ tweaks will likely get me there. I just need to find time to do it.