Unlinking an effect from the remote?

  • I've looked for about 2 hours for the answer and couldn't find one (including searching here, google and manuals) so either I'm overlooking it or it hasn't been brought up yet.

    So basically while setting up some performances I accidentally linked the wrong stomp (my wah) to a switch. It doesn't matter what i do because I have my wah set to the same bank which is bank D, if I add a wah it automatically goes to switch 3 on the remote. This kinda sucks because I want the wah to be on/off via the mission engineering pedal. So how do I go about removing that link between switch 3 and bank D? I've tried setting it to none and saving. Soon as I turn a wah on it goes right back to switch 3. Tried resaving the specific slot I was working on and same thing. I really don't want to delete the performance and start over because I've added all the effects on top of profiles that had none or minimal stuff.

  • Have you set the I-IV buttons on the Remote to be assigned automatically? If so, you'll probably have to switch that off in the settings menu first, then assign manually by holding the Remote button and pressing the Stomp switch on the Profiler. To unassign do the same.