How to organize profiles and rigs

  • Hi all
    I am quite new Kemper user and I have not done any own profiling yet but I certainly just LOVE my Kemper!
    I wonder though how we could improve the way we exchange profiles/rigs.
    Now it is a LOT of threads including different profiles. Some fantastic and some not soo good, even though it is a lot of personall preferences here.

    As the number of files increase it will become very difficult to find them and have any idea what kind of sound each file replicate.
    I have owned other guitar multieffect pedals were I end up trying out new sounds more than actually playing....
    Tony McKenzie has made an upload page on his website - still with no files though, but I would like to see some similar here.
    Here is his input fields:

    Mic 1
    Mic 2


    Type of



    Ideal you would have a woting system to make the RATING figure as an average view from all users.

    I also hope Kemper make a computer software á la AXE-FX så you could listened to a file directly without loading it into the Kemper.

    Unfortunately I am not so skilled in sofware programming but I hope Kemper or some of you out there are to reach thist