Morphing pedal does not remember its position

  • When a rig is loaded it always starts in its unmorphed state, right?

    What is the idea behind this?

    The Wah pedal does not do that. It reflects the actual position of the pedal. When the pedal is half pressed and I load a rig with wah, the wah starts in it's "middle" position.
    I find it quite disturbing that the morphing does not reflect (at first) the pedal position.
    When I have morphed the gain from low to high and I load this rig while my pedal is half pressed, I would assume the gain to be in a mid position.

    Is there a way around this?

  • Each Rig is loaded with its Base Sound, not with its Morph Sound and not with something in between. Morphing could control Gain in one Rig, and Delay Mix in another, and Pitch in the next. We want to keep things predictable. If you sometimes want to load a Rig with more Gain, store it that way in another Slot or under a different name and load it then. Or instead of a Morphing Pedal use a Volume Pedal in location "Pre Stomps" or "Post Stomps" to control Gain. If it's a dedicated Volume Pedal, it's level will survive a Rig change.

  • Hey rsmusic,

    i am encountering the same issue.
    I am currently starting to use the KPA live with the remote. Before, i frequently was using one delay sound for a song, controlling the mix of the dlay via midi raider and exp.pedal. if, for example, i was changing from the crunch channel to the distortion channel of the amp (everything controlled via midi), the delay-mix would stay in the same status which the exp.pedal was in before. afterwards i would adjust the mix of the delay via the pedal to taste or need.

    This method doesn't seem to be possible with KPA morphing so far (unfortunately). When in performance mode, I would like to change from one rig to another and maintain the delay-mix with the current morph pedal status (dlay would be locked).

    If anyone knows a way or a method to realize this with the KPA, let me know, please.

    nevertheless, morphing is awesome. <3