Profiles morphing

  • I've recently purchased the Profiler so I'm still learning lot of things about it, anyway I already have a big feature request, or maybe just an idea for improving this wonderful toaster ;)
    Someone at Kemper Amps could have already thought about it, anyway my dream feature would be this: a profile made by multiple profiles.
    Let me explain: instead of switching between different profiles of the same amp (different gain, different channel, etc.) it would be nice to have just one "big" profile that includes them all. Tweaking the knobs would result in a more realistic blending since the interpolation algorithm will work on the basis of the adjacent "real" snapshots instead of the internal modeling behavior. So, beside "DI", "Studio" and "Merged" there could be something like "Full" (differentiating the new profile category for backward compatibility).
    This will give the impression of playing with the real thing, even when heavily tweaking knobs, provided the individual sub-profiles are well made and aggregated in the right "order".
    This could even lead to a bigger feature: morphing between profiles. Instead of putting together profiles of the same amp, think about adding different ones. Tweaking the knobs will result in "morphing"/blending between the current and the next one. Okay, this one is probably too much... I need to sleep :D
    Jokes apart, I think the first suggestion is technically feasible, what do you think Mr. Kemper? :thumbup:
    PS: sorry for my english...I hope you understood the idea behind my post, at least