How many profiles do you actually use?

  • Just a thought as to the above really? I use the Kemper for 100% live work. When I bought my Kemper rack a few years ago, I was upgrading & 'future proofing" my live rig, and wasn't really concerned about it sounding like "X" amp through a "Y"cab, just that it sounded good (and it does, to my ears... and I've had a few comments about what a great sound it is too). My "go to" profile is an EVH 5150III amp, cab sim off, via a Matrix 800 watt poweramp & 2x 4x10 Marshall cabs, and variations thereof. How many different profiles do you use, and 'convince me' to use more! :thumbsup: Please & thankyou! :thumbup:

  • I have about 10.000 Profiles additionally to RE and Rig Pack in the RM. (Some would call it craziness)
    I use the Kemper only live and at the moment there are approx. 20 profiles I use at a GIG. (I am playing in 3 music formations with different music styles)
    M.Britt, Bert Meulendyks, Guidorist, Rigbuster, Sinmix, Tonehammer, MentaL, RE, Rig Pack and some other I do not know at the moment.

  • I pretty much stick with approx. ten (10) profiles that are my favorites.

    Depending on the type of song, I will add variations on one of these themes by enabling or disabling various effects.

    Don't get me wrong, it is great to have access to such a HUGE library of tones...and every once in awhile a new profile/rig will enter my top ten favorites, while the replaced rig takes a sabbatical.

    But unless you are in a cover band, playing an enormous variety of songs, I can't think of much reason to need more than a solid, core base of rigs (in my case, ten). For me, any more is just cluttering up my KPA. So, in my case, limiting myself to ten rigs/profiles in more of a matter of self-discipline and streamlining.

  • I use about 5 basic profiles. I have several performances for songs for which I use lots of different effects and sometimes other amps but basically it comes down to around 5 basic tones. Currently I gig with 1 main guitar so the profiles are EQ'd for this. Having another gigging guitar I might end up with another performance with different EQ.

    So actually with the KPA I use these for live:

    Mine, BM, TJ, MB.

  • I use 2 profiles live with internal stomps in the funk band I'm in. Both are Bert's redplate- one clean(ish) and one overdriven. But at home I use lots of others as it's great to change profile to suit the play style - I find it inspiring. Then I use Guido's, TAF's, Deadlight's, TMS' and others

  • Seems my situation is not unique then, I'm pretty much doing what everybody else does! I have 3 main profiles that I use for clean/dirty sounds, and just mix them up in performances with different effects, gain levels etc... Thanks for replying all! :thumbsup:

  • I use my KPA fort live and rehearsal with a 4X12 frontloaded Diezel Box with V30 Speakers.

    I have 5 performance slots and use 2 profiles. One for the clean parts and one for the dirty parts. For solos I just have one slot with increased amp volume of about 2 db and some small eq and gain tweaks, but still the same profile.

    Until last week I had something less than 1000 profiles in my KPA. Now I deleted a lot and ended with about 150. I will keep them because I plan to go FRF somewhen in the near/middle term and would the like to explore some different profiles with the engaged speaker sim before deciding what to keep definitely.

  • I have many profiles because I need them for a music projectIt also requires much fluids :rolleyes:^^
    Over 20,000 I am keeping a record of highlights for you guys
    Will post soon


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

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  • Pretty much this exactly.

  • Totally different approach here, because I use the Kemper only in studio environment and for fun at home. I have more than 30000 commercial profiles + many free profiles stored in Rigmanager.
    @ashtweth has at least a good reason with his musical project for all the madness - some of us "profile whores" not even have that to justify :) I am a big fan of Choptones (at the moment 8045 profiles) and I love to try out new stuff.

    BUT: My (changing) best-of-all folder in RM is not more than 10 - 15 profiles! On the Kemper itself not more than up to 20 rigs.

    And there are 2 profiles (from Choptones Bogie IIC+ pack) I use all the time for recording heavy stuff. These two are essential for me!

    ...and Guidos merged Engl Powerball profiles are used very often lately...

  • I am almost exclusively a live user except when laying down rough demo recordings for structuring and building songs out.

    If you are asking 'as is', right now I am using mostly two performances of five profiles each. One is based on M. Britts 56 Twin (or is it 65? whatever twin is in the Tweedy pack) consisting of five profiles, and the other is based on the Dan/Reampzone's Dumble with 3 gain versions of one profile, and then two other profiles. I have a 3rd based on M. Britts 65 AC30 too but thats slowly getting dusty now... I usually use one or the other performance to match the mix of the room and how my band mates are playing and usually use all five profiles in any given session. All performances go left to right, clean to high (for me high) gain.

    If you are asking 'to be', I would probably have about 20-30 similary set up performances, but until the preset management is addressed, its too much of a time suck and pain in the ass to set everything up the way I want it. But, I have a LOT of great profiles from Andy/TAF, Top Jimi, Bert M. and others I would love to use, and will, at some point.

  • That's like asking me how many beers do I drink

    That's none of our business, Ash...

    Sorry I'll shit up now

    Then again, maybe we should ask. :D

    I use 1 profile in different gain settings.

    mDan wins the Most-disciplined Profile User™ award! =O

    This man has reached Nirvana. I can only dream...

  • I've around 128 profiles in my personal folder and my KPA , mostly my own ones sorted by guitars , gain and a similar volume . This helps me a lot while recording all my tracks to fit some particular but redundant contexts without having to sort , tweak and adjust again and again.

    I also keep like 20 exotic rigs like very hi gain amps and the best I could find for some iconic amps ( cameron, JCM800, vox AC30, mark IIc+ ...)

    for some inspiration I also use the rigs packs from the Rig manager regularly.