Kemper hanging / MIDI data

  • Hello,

    I'm new at Kemper, so a friendly "hello" to everyone. I have a problem with my Kemper amp in the performance mode. I would like to switch rigs automatically without using the remote. I use a sequencing computer running Cubase as a DAW. This sequencer is sending MIDI data on the relevant CC channels over a USB/MIDI interface (Midex) to the Kemper. Everything works fine, but from time to time the Kemper stucks. You can press every (!) button without any result. Even the On/Off chicken head button has no function at all if you turn it to e. g. tuner model or off. After a while the Kemper will shut down instantly. Is there anything I doing wrong?

    Here's what I changed / did so far: I changed the MIDI channel from "omni" to "channel 2". A return to omni didn't solve the issue. In Cubase I created a new MIDI track and switched it to MIDI channel 2 (Out). Than I sent a 1 on CC50 to select the first rig in the performance mode and after a while (e.g. for a guitar solo) sent a 1 on CC54.

    Is there any know issue why the Kemper hung up while receiving MIDI data? :(

    Thanks in advance.

  • This happend to me alot when I programmed Midi CCs for automation. When I disconnected the Remote the crashes suddenly disappeared. Thats of course not the solution for your problem, but you could try at least if your Kemper is behaving the same way.

    I use a Cymatic LP16 for playing the Midi file, never had an issue with that when the Midi file was sent from the LP16 (even with the remote connected). With Cubase -> Scarlett 6i6 Midi Out -> Kemper and the Remote connected i got crashes all the time

  • Do you send MIDI Time Code or MIDI Clock from Cubase? That could be the problem. My in-band co-guitar player observed problems with his rig (I don't remember if it was Kemper or Axe) if MIDI Time Code (or Clock - I don't remember it too) was sent from Cubase.

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  • do you have both the in and out midi ports connected ? i had issues with my interface and the kemper locking up randomly with such a setup. Then the rig editor came out so i stopped using the ToastME editor and disconnected the midi ports so i didn't investigate further, but in my case the issue was only when i had both ports connected, just controlling the kemper through the in port and leaving the out disconnected would work as expected.


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  • This thread had been inactive since more than three years. At that time we were at OS 5.2. And many users are controlling the PROFILER via MIDI and software,

    Make sure you are not creating a MIDI feedback loop. In other words making the PROFILER send MIDI via its MIDI OUT, which it then receives back on its MIDI IN again and has to process, which causes another MIDI message to be sent and so on. This could make the system completely occupied processing MIDI.

    Check, if you might be sending too many irrelevant MIDI messages to the PROFILER.

  • i checked it the other day and i noticed that it only crashes wenn i change programs via midi in performance mode and with the remote connected. it seems i can‘t use the remote and midi at the same time.

    might that be possible?


  • I'm testing MIDI with a Remote connected all the time and in my band I use Bandhelper to load Performances via MIDI while a Remote is connected. Many people use MIDI and Remote simultaneously.

    Just to get an idea .... how many MIDI comands are you sending? E. g. one CC# per musical scene or two per bar ....?

    Is MIDI clock involved? Are other commads involved e.g. MIDI Notes?

    The "current OS" is 8.0.6 release, correct?

    I doubt very much, that just sending one MIDI CC per musical scene makes the PROFILER hang regardless if the Remote is connected or not..

  • I too have been dealing with this issue on my kemper as well. I've seen it with previous OS versions in addition to the current version I have loaded on the kemper rack ( Does only appear to occur when the remote is connected. I am using reaper to automate live shows and have it controlling the kemper. It looks like reaper does midi CC chasing on play where it sends out the last state of all the previously modified CC's. So as the setlist progresses, I have modified more and more CC's and the probability that the kemper will lock up increases. Here's a sample of one blast of midi CC data that has a high probability of causing the Kemper to hang:

    0: B0 11 00 [CC17 GP Slider 2 MSB] chan 1 val 0

    1: B0 14 00 [CC20 MSB] chan 1 val 0

    2: B0 16 7F [CC22 MSB] chan 1 val 127

    3: B0 32 00 [CC50 GP Slider 3 LSB] chan 1 val 0

    4: B0 33 00 [CC51 GP Slider 4 LSB] chan 1 val 0

    5: B0 34 7F [CC52 LSB] chan 1 val 127

    6: B0 35 7F [CC53 LSB] chan 1 val 127

    7: B0 36 7E [CC54 LSB] chan 1 val 126

    8: B1 32 01 [CC50 GP Slider 3 LSB] chan 2 val 1

    9: B1 34 01 [CC52 LSB] chan 2 val 1

    10: B1 35 01 [CC53 LSB] chan 2 val 1

    One other thing to note (something I just noticed as I'm typing this)....Even though in my example here, reaper is sending out channels 1 and 2, I have a remapper on this data which remaps all channels to 2 so those chan 1 messages are going out the HW to the kemper as channel 2 (kemper is setup to rx on channel 2)...So not sure if the kemper doesn't like the fact that it's being blasted with all these commands at once, or the fact that there's a command for CC's 50, 52, and 53 immediately followed by another value for those commands, or a combination of both.

    EDIT: another thought that occurred to me after reading through the manual again, since in performance mode the CC50-54 are simulating the button presses on the remote, and the way I am interpreting the manual is values 1-127 is button press, value 0 is button the kemper not liking the fact that it's seeing 2 button presses but no button release for 50, 52, and 53.

  • CC50-54 are use to relatively address and load Rigs in Browse Mode and Slots in Performance Mode:

    CC50 loads the first Rig of the current bank/Slot of the current Performance,

    CC51 loads the second Rig of the current bank/Slot of the current Performance,


    CC#54 loads the fifth Rig of the current bank/Slot of the current Performance.

    So, you are sended stacks of contradicting load comands.

    Resending the status of on/off switches might be meaningful. Resendeing these CC50-54 after you potentially loaded a Rig/Slot via program change is meaningless. I suggest, you load Rig/Slots via MIDI program changes (or MIDI bank select plus program changes) and use CCs just for on/off switching of effects.

  • sorry for the late response.
    we're working with ableton and we use midi for a lot of things in our livesetup (controlling synths, effects processor, light show...)
    but every device has it's own midi channel.
    normally i just send one program change at the beginning of each song. sometimes there are switches for different parts (chorus, vers ...)

    midi clock is involved but mainly for the synths. but i can only turn it off and on for the the whole audio/midi interface output and not for one midi channel . i have a midi filter box i could use before the kemper to filter out all midi channels (and maybe midi clock too?) that are irrelevant for the kemper. do you think that would help?

    thanks :-)

  • You could also use Midi Monitor to sniff the wire and see what is really going on and what messages and in what quantity are being sent to Kemper. I'm using MIDI with Remote all the time - no issues. The issues (hangs) only arise when too many MIDI messages are sent to Kemper and its CPU can't keep up with them. This Midi Monitor help me many times to figure out what is the source of problems.

  • thanks. now i'm able to replicate the failure, when i'm sending too many midi notes to the kemper.
    i found out with midi monitor, that i'm sending a lot of midi information sometimes.
    will delete the unnecessary midi commands and keep you updated.

  • do you advice to not use the midi clock with kemper?
    because when i use midi monitor i can see that midi clock sends messages very often so maybe midi clock and additional pc changes are problematic.

    what do you think?

  • ok so i checked and sometimes i sent 2 or 3 cc‘s + pc at the same time. think that this was the mistake. now i’m sending midi clock and one pc at the start of each song and it works. thanks for your help

  • You can send many events in quick succession, if needed - just separate them with a few ticks (each MIDI event has position: bar, beat, division and tick - even one or two ticks of separation should do the trick).