1600+ Free Profiles !!! Many DI Profiles of Axe Fx 2, Helix, Vetta and Real Amps for Guitar and Bass, Pedals and Poweramponly Profiles ... enjoy!

  • Hey! :)

    Have fun with my profiles guys :)

    I tried to recreate the sound of the following amps:


    Victory Kraken

    Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 40 Deluxe

    Toneking Imperial MKII

    Sunn Beta Lead

    Soldano SLO 100
    Koch Jupiter
    Engl Invader
    Engl Sovereign 100

    Fender Bassman

    Fender Blues Deluxe

    Fender Deluxe Reverb

    Fender 57 Deluxe

    Fender Vibrolux Reverb
    Marshall MS2C
    Marshall 6101 LM 30th Anniversary

    Marshall 6100 LM 30th Anniversary
    Marshall JTM 45 MKII Reissue 1990
    Mesa Boogie Triple Rectum Frier
    Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz Pedal
    Roland Micro cube
    Peavey 5150 Combo
    Peavey 6505+
    Peavey Classic
    Orange Dual Terror
    Vox AC 30
    ZT Lunchbox amp

    Zeta Creations CANARIO

    Victory Kraken

    Starfield 5050

    Line6 Vetta 2 Head ( all Amps)
    Line6 Helix (all Amps)
    AxeFX2 Firmware 7.02 (all Amps)
    Avid ElevenRack (all Amps)

    SPECIALS (Pedals/Plugins)
    Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz Pedal
    HBE Big D
    Golden Brownie
    TC Bodyrez
    ZVex Fuzzfactory
    J. Rath DI Cabsim
    Boss ODB3
    AMT Freak Guitar

    Revv G3

    Sansamp G2


    Mesa M2000
    Trace Elliot Gp11 AH 500
    Ampeg SVT 2
    Ampeg Portaflex pf-500

    Ashdown Toneman 300

    Tube Bass Pre

    Harley Benton Bass DI
    Darkglass Alpha Omega

    Parametric EQ 10 Bands

    EBS Gorm

    Acoustic Instruments/Sounds:

    Audio Sprockets Tone Dexter

    Parametric EQ 10 Bands

    don't forget to try different cabs!

    I hope you find something you like, be kind, support amp manufaturers and have fun with these profiles.


    Here is the link to all my Profiles

  • Thomas! What happened to you man? You disappeared and seemed to pull your Rigs from the exchange, which, as I said in a thread somewhere, was a great loss for the community... and yet here you are, back up to your generosity tricks! Thank you so much man!

    I figured, and I also said this a couple o' times, that you must've become frustrated with not being able to quite get there with your fuzz Profiling, and also with the feeling that folks weren't taking your Profiling issues seriously.

    So, after pretty much giving up hope you'll return any time soon, it's fantastic to see you back, bro'! You are taken seriously here, man (I've also said this a couple o' times - seems I've been batting for you whilst you were away!), and I sure hope you never allow yourself to feel that way again.

    Lastly, you've been so generous with your Profile sharing, and always good-mannered. I reckon you're a model Kemperite, man. Welcome back. Your return is our gain (get it? Gain? Ugh...). :D

  • :D thanks for the warm welcome here :) i really appreciate that :) thanks :)

    well it's all about that rectishaper thing and the "waste of time" when discussing something i, and my other people, discovered after making over 700 Profiles...
    i think i will just share my stuff and and not get into that feature request trap again xD i mean it has been said often enough now :D
    the other thing is, i cannot update my kemper because of the different shaper effects, and i need the old ones so that my fuzz sounds work properly
    and then they updated the rig manager i was like "damn now i'm totally out of the game" :D that's when started to be VERY frustrated, because i couldn't get the problems solved, they even got more for me and there was this big wall of denying all things i found out while profiling ... yeah but these are things of the past :D haha

    I found some "profiles by Thomas" in the RE very good. Thanks

    profiles by thomas? huh i don't think that's me but i'll check the mout too ^^ mine are named "Bommel" or "Analadin" and some have the Name of a friend because i had to use his Kemper, these ones have the name "noxx" i think :)

    i removed this from the first post to make it a bit more compact here are the links again

    Here you can find the Soundcloud Comparison between the Helix and the Kemper:

    Here you can find the Soundcloud Comparison between the AxeFx and the Kemper:

    Here you can find the Soundcloud Comparison between the Eleven Rack and the Kemper:

  • That's what I've always called it, too. :D

    hahaaa xD i really want to know who started it xD i heard it first from dr. zoltan obelisk/ Carl King

  • By the way, I may sell my Ultra to a guy who is interested in the Helix LT. Should he buy the Helix? I won't push things though. He will probably go for the Helix.

    hmm i personally would love to have all of these :D

    AxeFx best routing and effects
    Helix amazing creamy and fuzzy sounds and has the best footswitch ( but i love the remote too ^^)
    and the kemper is a very good all purpose thing and and since i have spending too much time in menus i will stay with kemper ...

    the only thing that makes the helix for me a no go is the quality of the octaver and the noise gate ...

    i had a ultra too and if he is into metal stuff, the too slow noise gate will bug him... and if he's into stoner stuff he will love the amps of the helix and will hate the octaver xD

  • I'm glad you're back man, really appreciate your past work

    thx for this huge batch of profiles :)

    i say thanks for the nice words man :) feels good to be back :)