Using Distortion Loop in Stomp D, AMP and EQ disabled, CAB locked.... tone is still effected greatly by each profile selected

  • I’m wondering if anyone can help as I think I may have noticed a bug here?

    First of all I’ll explain my routing:

    • Guitar plugged into Kemper Input
    • Direct Out from Kemper to Marshall Head Input (Same as creating a profile)
    • Marshall Speaker Out connected to Suhr Reactive Load
    • Suhr Reactive Load/DI output to Kemper Return (Same as creating a Direct Profile)
    • STOMP D set as DISTORTION LOOP to insert the Marshall before the STACK SECTION on the Kemper
    • STACK SECTION is ON but AMP and EQ are DISABLED, CAB ON to provide my cab emulation
    • EFFECTS STOMPS ON for some delay etc after the Marshall Loop and Cab Emulation

    Basically I’m trying to use the Kemper as a pre and post effects unit with my Marshall head but with cab emulation to send direct (ala Torpedo CAB)

    I’ve used a 4 cable method lots to output to a real cab with the entire STACK section disabled to use the Kemper only for effects pre and post amp using my amps effects loop and it works perfect.

    However when the output is set to include cab emulation and the full path is sent to DAW/PA or whatever the profile (as you have to select a profile as there is no “blank” profiles) I’ve selected colours the tone greatly even though the AMP and EQ section is off. For instance, a dark Orange type distorted profile with the AMP and EQ off still sounds dark and bass heavy whilst a bright clean Fender profile with the AMP and EQ disabled sounds really shrill and fizzy. How is this possible if the AMP and EQ is disabled or am I missing something?? I am also using impulse responses converted with cab maker not Kemper cabs that were part of a merged or studio profile and this is using the same impulse even when the CAB is locked.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.