Own Voodoo GCX, GCP and the Kemper Remote - Decisions and advice?

  • I'm really at a loss to decide here. When in doubt, head to the forums for advice from random strangers!

    I am fortunate that I had the Voodoo GCX Switcher and Ground Control Pro prior to purchasing my KPA Rack and Remote. I have several pedals that I ran in front of my old 11r. A Soul Food, Morning Glory, Aeon Drive and a LM308 RAT plus my ancient Fulltone Ultimate Octave.

    So know, the dilemma has been:

    Do I keep the pedals or just use the Kemper?
    If keeping the pedals, I will need the GCX to switch them.

    I sort of feel, right now anyway, as I'm new to KPA, that I like the sound of real pedals in front. I don't slam any of them they are more for a touch of drive and a little extra sauce.

    So, if I keep them, dilemma number two:

    Use the GCP or the Kemper Remote to handle switching?
    As far as I understand, I can send Midi change data to the GCX to do switching of pedals.

    I'm lost here. Oh by the way, I must confess, I'm a Midiot.

    Thanks guys in advance.

  • Thought I would let people know...

    I spoke to the great folks at Voodoo Lab today. As far as we could determine, the Kemper can't send the required MIDI data to allow switching of the GCX. It really requires the GCP to function.

    So, that leaves me down to the GCP and GCX and my pedals or the Kemper Remote only.

    Hmmm, decisions decisions....

    Anyone have a thought as to a Morning Glory replica on the KPA?

  • So, the delimma has be solved!

    GCX and GCP stay. Pedals stay as well.

    I spent time tweaking and having the pedals in front adds something that is just not attainable with the KPA. That's not to say that a profile tweaked and created with my pedals in front couldn't do the trick but not having a million dollars in amps to profile limits options pretty quickly. :)

  • I'm new to the whole midi thing (and profiler amp). I've been a tube amp + pedal guy, and I just got the profiler and a GCX - I'm trying to figure out how to program this GCX to work my Kemper (and some outboard pedals I have) but I can't find a clear video online - if anyone can help it would keep me from jumping (from my ground floor window).

  • This thread will get you all the info for setting things up. Check Nytowls post. Ignore step one, the SysEx dump.


    Also, make sure you have all 5 pins in your MIDI cable wired (my ProCo cable had the wires but only 4 were connected by default) you need all 5 for power.

    FYI, I am currently using the Kemper Remote and testing totally in the box. No pedals. Trying to simplify.