Can't figure out Aux Input / how to play music through the Kemper - what am I doing wrong?

  • I'm new to the Kemper and trying to be able to listen to a song played on iPhone/whatever through the Aux Input while using my guitar through the front input. I've read through the manual and through threads online and I just can't seem to get this to work.

    I bought a Hosa YMP-434 3.5 mm TRSF to Dual 1/4 inch TS Stereo Breakout Cable after reading a thread…_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ...and am plugging my iPhone in using that into the Aux Input.

    Cannot hear anything from my phone using this method. If I go into the input menu one of the options is "Return [something]" and if I select that I can hear my phone going through the guitar patch and being affected by all the effects/etc. - not at all what I want but enough to prove the jack at least works. I must be missing whatever it is that allows Aux input and the front input to function simultaneously but I believe I've tried all the input options.

    What am I missing here? Just can't get this to work after a lot of research and trial and error...and error...and error...any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Connect to aux input and alternative return input. Then You just need to turn up the aux monitoring levels which are in the output menu. These are located on page 6/6 after tapping the output button. I use the headphone output to practice so turn up 'aux in>headph' to around about 4 or 5 which gives me a good balance.

  • Yep....sounds like the Output menu is the answer...

    Auxiliary Input

    The Auxiliary Input function allows you to feed a stereo signal, such as a mp3-player, into your Profiler to play alongwith it. In the Output/Master menu, the Auxiliary Input function is equipped with three controls: one to feed the auxsignal to the main outputs as well as S/PDIF OUT, and two others to feed it to the Monitor and Headphone output.This allows you, for instance, to add an additional monitor signal to your headphone output, while the main outputstays unaffected. The auxiliary signal will not be affected by any internal effects.You will need to purchase a special cable which provides the stereo signal via two separate TS jacks. Plug the leftjack into the Return Input and the right jack into the Alternative Input. Use the "Aux In …" soft knobs to adjust thelevel.While you have an effects loop active in your Rig, or you are in Profiler Mode, the Auxiliary Input cannot be used,since the physical inputs are needed for a different purpose.Please do not forget to turn down Auxiliary Input volumes when you are not using it, to prevent unwanted hum andnoise.

  • Searching for "Aux In" in the Main Manual is an effective way to figure this out:

    The Aux In feature is available on:

    ·      RETURN 1 and 2 of PROFILER Stage

    ·      RETURN and ALTERNATIVE IN of all other PROFILER variants

    üAux In requires a special cable with 3.5 mm TRS jack on one side and two ¼ inch (6.3 mm) TS jacks on the other side.