Van Halen

  • OK, its not new gear, but its a new album and theres nowhere else to post.
    Boy what an album. Takes me back to when the first VH album came out. Stay Frosty and Outta space are just like modern day versions of Ice Cream Man and Atomic Punk. I mean this in a good way. Its so long since the 'original; Van Halen did anything I never dreamt they would dare to do this.
    Eddie is just 'On Fire"

  • Great record for 80s guys (I am one) but definitely not girlfriend material.
    DLR is very present & it has an overall darker, more agressive tone - the first vanHagar was ok after that I turned away from vH.
    Very happy Eddie hasn't lost a step.

  • I agree - the tones are fantabulous (and modern, but not like the chorused Hagar era), particularly near the end. Supposedly these tracks are way old, songwriting wise; you can certainly make out a bunch of stolen influences, particularly:

    Honeybabysweetiedoll = Rainbow's "Gates of Babylon"
    Stay Frosty = "Ice Cream Man", as mentioned
    Beats Workin' = AC/DC's "Touch Too Much" (at least the intro.)

    The production is absolutely mighty, (not that you can tell from the single, which is actually one of the weaker tracks IMHO) but there's a little bit of Chinese Democracy / Death Magnetic vibe to it. Meaning, a little bit over-thought and over-polished, and trying a little bit too hard to recreate something that would satisfy Roth-era fans. Wolfgang also shines on the bass for this album - he got his spotlight in the mix (but not Anthony's voice.). Alex's distinctive drum tone isn't there though, and I don't know why - he sounds fine, but his signature sound is gone IMHO.


  • nice surgery!

  • I think it's fantastic. It stands as a great rock album completely on it's own with no ties required to the old VH imho. Have you guys seen the live YouTube of Eddie playing his solo (it was a recent friends and family only show to prep for the tour). He's back... he has not picked that cleanly in 15+ years.
    "As Is" is a standout track on the new album and that might be a new song too. I'm forcing my 3 little ones to listen to it and even they are starting to dig it :)
    Kudos for Wolfie - EXCELLENT playing and if you bought the deluxe version with the loose acoustic tunes he is also nailing backing vocals live. MA is only missed in spirit IMHO. Let Wolfie do his thing.