More browser categories please

  • Hey David,

    I'm not 100% sure of my theory's efficacy, but IFAIK, the categories rely on metadata within Rigs in order to collect them under whichever banner is appropriate. "Acoustic" and "Other" aren't flags I see used anywhere; they may be included in Rig titles, but not in the metadata generally-speaking, so I suspect that this is why the categories aren't already-available. Also, the facility to create our own would suffer from the same limitation - unless existing Rigs contain the key words, they're not going to be grouped reliably.

    Someone who's more-familiar with this stuff will hopefully chime in and clarify this.

  • Okay, after you make a profile and when you go to name it, there is a category blank that you fill out with guitar or bass, etc. Anyway, I think this would be easy to implement and it would be helpful me thinks.

    ('sup Nicky?) :)

  • I agree, it seems from the outside an easy change. Additional categories are something that is sorely missing - when the direct amp profiles came into play I feel kemper really missed a trick having a category for them so that they could be distinguished and filtered easily.

  • Agreed, especially as Directs could be easily-determined 'cause there would be no Cab module active in them.

    With the other "new" categories 'though, I stand by my theory. How would the Kemper collate Rigs if the necessary metadata weren't already-there?