(Dr. Z Amplification) Official Dr. Z Amps Kemper Profile Pack

  • Great profiles indeed, which work well with different pickup types. I like the fact that they are pretty much raw profiles, and it is left to the user to tweak them to taste.

    Thanks @DrZ Amplification for making this pack available, and also thanks for embracing the Kemper community. This is brilliant!! :thumbsup:

  • Wanted to reach out in hopes the Dr sees this.

    Please, PLEASE, consider a tweaked version of the Z Wreck profile to replicate the tone from the Brad Paisley demo!

    That demo video put the Z Wreck on my lust list the minute I heard it.

    The profiles provided of the Z Wreck are great but lack some of the balls and openness of the amp being demoed in the video.

    For those that haven't seen it, it's something to behold:


  • Have you played the DR Z Profiles through the Kemper Poweramp into a Cab?

    If Brad Paisley was playing his Tele into the Kemper Poweramp/Cab using the DR Z Profiles he'd sound like he sounds in the video.

  • I couldn't resist trying these out after an amp manufacturer so directly released an official pack.

    These are really, really nice. Such a snappy response on many of these, I kept checking to see if there was a compressor engaged somewhere :-)

    There are many really nice clean and clean-ish tones in here, and also a good number of really nice overdriven tones. And a number that are just plain dirty and gritty (in a good way).

    There's a lot of really good profiles here - if you can spare the change, pick it up! :-)

  • Hi Tomjonesrocks,

    They sound great with my Strat. I have this issue with Top Jimy profiles. Start out with the Definition and clarity , don't forget about the Cab high/low adjustments either (softbutton) Lately I started using the EQ in the effects section (soft button

    X - try rythm setting!) with great results. I do all of these before I touch the regular EQ dials on the Kemper.... Need more push - up the volume within the amplifier softbutton.

    Make little adjustments at one time otherwise you get lost within all the tweaks :/

    Good luck and enjoy this great pack - It is as good as MBritt and Bert Meulendijk's packs. :thumbsup:

  • Being new to Kemper I've been relying almost soley on MBritt profiles - but picked these up. I like quite a few of them but they do seem pretty bright with most of my guitars.

    What adjustments are some of you making?

    I found many of them bright and/or weak in the bass, too. But, with a few small tweaks, these have become my go to profiles. First, I'm using the supplied EQ preset in the mod slot on all of the Dr. Z profiles, which has a low pass around 6k. Second, I increase power sag and the amp compression from 0 to ~0.2 and 1 respectively on many of the profiles, which makes the profiles a bit chewier, more bassy, and easier feeling under the fingers. On a few profiles, I have bumped up the bass knob a tad.

    I should add, that although I found them weak in the bass at first, after spending a day just playing the Dr. Z profiles, I went back to some MBritt profiles I use pretty regularly and found them to be boomy. Some of this is simply psychoacoustics and what your ear is accustomed to hearing.

  • I found only 4 out of the whole pack that are usable 'out of the box' without tweaking. Most of the profiles have something unpleasant going on in the high end - that's with testing with a humbucker guitar with flatwound strings.
    Tweaking cab and amp settings can make it better, but I wasn't able to get it to sound 'great' without any high end fizz.

    That being said: the TAF Carmen Ghia profiles have something similar going on in the top end.
    The TAF Z Wreck sounds fuller out of the box, smoother top end, but also more hyped. Bottom line: more usable for me with minor tweaking.

    Many of the 'clean' profiles in the Z pack are not really clean, more like 'light crunch' profiles.
    Many of the profiles in the Z pack have very good responsiveness to touch, good at controling harmonic content and sound with pick attack.

    My preferred approach is to find profiles that sound great out of the box, and then tweak them to match the guitar, and my personal preferences. Not sure if I'll bother with the rest of the profiles in the Z pack..

  • After spending a short amount of time with these all I can say is if you haven't bought these yet, you're missing out. The quality, quantity and attention to detail here is great. They are so up front and amp in the room like its incredible. In your face!

    For those that run guitar cabs, these will be magic through a 2x12!

    So the fact that they aren't merged (which is a shame) is no problem ?


    Kemper Powered Rack and remote/Mission pedal with Zilla 212 (K-100/V30) and Kemper stage with mission pedal

  • Wow.... I finally got some time yesterday, to checkout these new DR Z profiles, and I have to say, I was in Jangle heaven. I'd say 90% of the profiles worked perfectly with my PRS DGT Signature, right out of the box. If you're into low-medium gain jangle tones, ala Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Stones, Smiths, REM, ect. Then you'll definitely want to checkout these profiles. This profile pack also has some of the best clean profiles that I have found. Kudos to the folks at DR Z.