(Dr. Z Amplification) Official Dr. Z Amps Kemper Profile Pack

  • Ska heaven here man on the Strat Neck still going through presets will post my highlights soon, the effects are made for Ska man
    Dr Z must be down with Ska and the herb :D Its like these Rigs are specifically very well voiced for single coils , just the response man, its tight and "spanky"

    It really lends it self to country too man, where are the country boys? 8o


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  • Sounds like a software setting that's been overlooked, 'Diver.

    That's ridiculous IMHO, and it's not the way digital downloads are done. A similar thing happens when one buys plugins from many of the vendors out there - one has to enter shipping details, which include one's full name, address and so on, when there's not even a remote possibility that anything available on the sites will be shipped; everything's downloaded.

    There are a few exceptions, such as Spectrasonics, which offer solid-state drives loaded with their libraries for those for whom huge, 60GB+ and the like downloads aren't practical. In such cases that level of detail where personal information is concerned makes sense, but in all other cases, I suspect it's a holdover from times of yore, and something that ought to be addressed(!), just like this "legacy" $19 charge you're talking about.

    Just my 2¢ worth. I'm sure a support ticket with the company will sort this out, mate.

  • @DrZ Amplification sounds impressive.

    But, if I want to buy (and pay by paypal) there is an extra charge of $19 USD for shipping. Thought this would be a digital download. Is it because of me being a european customer? Please help clarify. Many thanks.

    The downloads should not be charged with shipping. Sounds like an isolated issue. Please contact [email protected] and we can assist you with your download.

  • Indeed, one of our flagship amps, the Route 66 is included. The Z28 has a EF-86 preamp and is also included in the pack.

  • Bought the pack. Some pretty nice sounds.

    Although some of the higher gain profiles have something weird going on.. seems very nasal or something. Hard to pick it out.

    You guys notice that?

    I've had a couple Dr Z amps and never noticed that, but I also never ran mine past the edge of breakup, let the pedals get me where I needed past that.

    Can't wait to see how these sound recorded. Very nice touch dynamics as well.

  • I bought the pack yesterday. There are some truly great jangly cleans and great break up tones to be had. There is a real feeling of authenticity when digging into the strings. There are only a few profilers out there that get this right, and hats off to Dr Z for being on top of their game on this.

  • Great and thorough demo through all of the profiles, thank you. I've owned many of these amps through the years and it will be great to have them all and then some. I'll be picking up this pack today.

    Say hi to JOUSTER for me, too.

    Thanks for doing this, Dr. Z.

  • Dr Z may have the best customer support ever. I bought the pack on Friday afternoon but for whatever reason the software glitched and did not provide a download link. I emailed customer support and they got back to me right away but it wasn't something they could fix. They asked for my phone number and called me to check my email info and then sent me the profiles in an email attachment. It turns out that they had left the office for the day and did this from home. That is what customer support is all about. Way to go Dr Z. That is the best customer support I have ever received. Oh, by the way, I also like the profiles. I have found some work better for me if I roll back the guitar tone some. After digging through them all I have found some really great ones just as they are. :thumbup:

  • Loving the Z profiles here. Although I have a Z-Lux sitting right here, it is especially nice to set up a Kemper performance that includes the Z-Lux, the Maz, and maybe a Route 66 or Z-Wreck depending on my mood. The only downside I can comment on here: All of my other profiles suddenly seem less interesting. :D

  • Since one official amp manufacturer released a pack, the sun died, the birds stopped cheeping?, their business went broke and all users stopped ever thinking about or using Dr Z amps. The tooth fairy also exists.

    OR the opposite happened, we had many new users SATISFIED with Dr Z's amps , SOME who never knew the power and range got into the amp, advertising went off, many new videos with Dr Z sounds emerged, MORE MUSIC WAS MADE, and Dr Z made profile amp sales from a market that otherwise would of profiled their amps.Dr Z won and it IS beneficial to their company.

    The boogie man does not exist amp manufacturers
    If Dr z can do it YOU CAN.Credits to the kemper community and Dr Z.


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

  • I've been playing these through my PRS baritone with Lace Dissonant Aggressor pickups, and I have to say, I really like these. While in humbucker mode/position, there's a little mid or treble wonkiness, but that could very well just be my setup. When in split/single coil though, man oh man, these tones sing. I can't believe how long of a pinch harmonic can carry with the relatively "cleaner" profiles (usually the 2nd in the series of 3 or 5). I've really been enjoying the Route 66, Z Wreck, Antidote, and Carmen Ghia. If it's got KT tubes, I'm generally going to enjoy it. Thanks to Dr. Z for these, and for the reviews/impressions that helped push me to get these. After work, I'll find myself turning on a little 'verb and just noodling for hours.

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