Katzbach Kemper Profiles

  • Sounds really great. And so there are those non Kemper users that claim that they can hear if it's the real amp or Kemper. So much BS. :D I have a couple of other profiles I will be purchasing but I will bookmark it and come back later and buy. Can't go wrong with the M's.

  • I bought 6 profile packs today. I should have tried the freebies first, but based on the amps (and impressions here) I thought these were a lock for success.

    I might have found a few individual profiles I would play again. What's odd is that within the same pack I'm finding 2 fantastic-sounding profiles (clear, lively), and the rest...not so much.

    This seems to be the case in all 6 amps I purchased.

    The amp selection is excellent!

  • what's your benchmark for profiles that you are satisfied with for comparison?

  • what's your benchmark for profiles that you are satisfied with for comparison?

    I never find more than, say, a 30% of profiles I love in any Pack from any vendor. After trying them with another guitar the amount usually increases with somo vendors. And when changing from headphones to monitors to a loud situation, some favorites don't make it and some discarded ones beat them. With these packs I have run into 2 or 3 profiles that were tone nirvana and the rest were pretty good to say the least. A high proportion of success, at least in the Plexi territory. No idea about 800s and 900s.

  • I can say that the "cleaner" profiles seem to be better than the overdriven in-general with the packs I bought. The OD-based profiles seem to like a lot of volume. The clean-to-slightly-driven profiles can hang with anything I consider "reference".

    Tweaking the graphic EQ volume to 4.0 helps add some liveliness. My reference makers are Mattfig/Guido/Top Jimi/Sinmix/Choptones.I would say the only profiles I don't keep from these guys are situations where you can choose from multiple cabs and keep the best.

    Using both a CC Coletti Les Paul Custom and Fender CS Blackmore Tribute Strat. The Strat seems to be a better choice with the profiles I purchased:

    JMP50 Trem/JMP 50 Master lead S.R.V./JMP 50 Plexi Red/Block Super 100 40th Anni JTM45/100/JCM800 White One/JTM 50 Black Flag.

  • I couldn't stand being undecided on these, so I tried two more yesterday: JCM2000 Orange Crush and JMP '59 Super Lead White.

    Both are great packages. In fact, the JCM2000 can compete with anything I've ever downloaded, from anyone. What's particularly great is the amp was never my favorite when I owned it, but these profiles are wonderful. They capture the amp sounding clean through overdriven, and modeled for Strats and/or HBs.
    Really a perfect set.

    The '59 Super Lead is also very well done. It also compares positively to any others I've tried in the SL family. I've always thought it must be a difficult amp to capture because I hadn't been absolutely convinced by any thus far.

    I think I simply started with a couple packs that weren't "my thing" (OD sounds in Block Super 100) and my opinion was negatively swayed.

    There are some Katzbach profiles that are absolutely superb. Will try more...

  • I grabbed a few of your packs and really like them, so far. I like that there is a good variety of lower and medium gain ranges, since that is what I typically hard a harder time finding. I do have one question for @godi, though. There is an asterisk by the prices that says VAT tax is included in the price. It that supposed to be that way, for US customers as well? Getting hit with VAT and exchange rate sucks, but the profiles were still worth the price. I got the red 800, the 40th anniversary JTM45, the JCM 900 SL-X, and the Orange JCM2000, and all of them are very good!