Profiles to match Zakk Wylde live tone from video

  • Hello :)

    Any profile suggestions to get close to this tone?

    It doesn't need to be a JCM. Maybe some profiles of other amps get even closer anyway, depending on micing, cabs and how they are dialed in.

    It's more about these things, I find, than simply the amp itself. Also I'm using active Fishman Fluence pickups to get close to his tone (close to EMG 81). So a set up dialed in for these type of pickups and profiled may work best.

    Thank you

  • IIRC he said he used the profiles a while ago...but I don't think he's playin when shooting the video......or maybe he is..the input led is flashing on the kemper..but those are doubletracked gutars at least

  • I have fishman fluence moderns which do the job well, EMG 81/85s too.

    I'm not convinced about the Chop tones wylde pack though. To me it sounds more "modern" than Zakk's tone -- at least the best of his tones, like "miracle man". The mutes are not "there" for me, at least from what I hear in video.

    I will wait for the pack from the big hairy profiles. He sure nailed the tone of "miracle man". The question is how close the kemper will be able to get to that when he profiles it -- and how he deals with differences when he profiles as well.

    Some sellers don't hear any differences and leave it at that. Profile, refine a bit, boom, done just tell people it's "identical" (not referring to chop tones, but I've seen that quite a bit elsewhere).

    This is a legit producer, one of the best in the industry, and his approach is quite objective as well, more so than most guitarists. I definitely trust his approach, not because he is a big name, but because I know how he works. So I am eagerly waiting to see how the profiles will sound; it will be an honor to have his profiles.

    Thank you for the help though, I appreciate it.

  • He is a freaking legend. I just bought his pack doing megadeth tones. Waiting for the zakk wylde one. He said he is working on it. And man... Clear, clear, cutting tones. And he's not using some EQ matching while profiling as far as I see. He just knows his *** (as well as limitations of kemper). I've been sent many profiles that supposedly match such megadeth tones.... they got lost in the mix like I get lost in massive Chinese malls. Not these. On point. You can tell the guy doesn't just play in his bedroom (not that that's a bad thing). I A/B compared to a few other profiles that are aimed to do such tones, and booom... smashed. Not even close. Other than Sinmastermix these are the best profiles i have tried for clear metal tones.

  • I too really like the choptones pack. I've been trying to achieve a Zakk-like tone for years and the KPA + this pack definitely got me a lot closer.

    Still struggling a bit with the chorus, though. I have an MXR Black Label Chorus, but since I don't own two KPAs (not yet :D ) I can't use the stereo mode in front of the amp.
    Will try it in the stereo loop next, maybe that will work for me. How do you go about chorus / stereo when playing live?

    BTW: I'm also planning an covering come BLS stuff, still need to work on picking speed a lot though ^^ <- GIFD

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