Goodbye from Dimi

  • Dear all,

    This is not an introduction. It's a goodbye of some kind. I know quite a few here want me gone from the forum. Only positive views about kemper can be voiced. No criticisms. Criticism is bad. It's not like a product can grow from criticism; it's not like criticism can be constructive, productive, respectful. You will not find one post from me here attacking anyone. I could have contributed a lot more than I already have, in the future. I was just editing a long video with all sorts of tips to get closer to source tone using the kemper. It took me a few months to complete, with health getting in the way at times, limited time in any case. And I'm not getting paid by anyone for such a thing obviously.

    But.. here's the thing: I've been getting quite a few messages on my private accounts elsewhere... from people that I know are from this forum. They obviously know me from here, can tell from how they talk. And I could go through the process of posting these texts and what they say. But I'm too tired of all the drama at this point. I don't care. Honestly don't wanna waste another minute. I am tired of seeing insults hurled at other people too; I am tired of dismissals of others experiences; I am tired of a general mentality that is not really focused on the truth about things from these individuals. And I don't just mean this with people defending kemper. You can so quickly go from one side to another -- as if it's impossible for some to understand the possibility of nuance; "othersizing" is how they view the world.

    And it most certainly does not help technology to progress either.

    Don't get me wrong, either. It's not everybody here or even close to a majority. Absolutely not. I myself have learned a lot during the time I've been posting here from many users. I've also heard some amazing music from some of you, including.... A guy who didn't like my Mastodon tones? The guy with the weird drawing as a pic? I don't remember his name! :D But I checked out his soundcloud before and it was pretty amazing (I assume he did all that with kemper; first time I like how a 7 string sounds, if that's what it was, and I got interested in 7 strings because of him! ). And then there's money man, others (monkey man, actually), Tritium -- I am sorry, I really do not remember the nicknames -- who are nothing but class, really. And others.. pacoccito... the user who just went all tube amp.. I am not good with remembering names. So thanks guys, I definitely enjoyed our interactions here. Also I got interested in examining more kinds of tests because of coldfriction, who knows his stuff, which is really cool, because things came up I had not thought of before.

    But... the ones that are not like that are quite loud, too. And they take a lot of time, so much time, to try and silence people like me. There comes a point where it gets too creepy. Sinmix may call people "noobs" at times but he doesn't do stuff like this. I'm very happy to have gotten to know him more and hearing more about how he works btw.

    I know what some may say. "Don't leave" ect ect, "why do you listen to these people". I get that. But as I said, at some point it gets too creepy when i receive texts from racist insults to mockery from people I know are from here, even if I don't know who exactly. It take away energy from being creative with the limited time most of us have. I don't need this.

    I will still be releasing these kemper videos. I am also considering whether I should sell kemper and use some other device. It's all good. It's all part of progressing as an artist in one way or another. And I would also like to thank kemper themselves, because they are a very classy company to my eyes. It's not them who don't want criticism of their products , imho. They could be moderating the forum much more strictly if it was for that. Not only did they send my tests to developer team, but have been classy towards me generally too. So don't confuse this with me somehow being against "kemper". I'm being as clear as I can be.

    Now if you want to hear more from me you can keep up with my youtube channel. Will be doing pickup tests, including DIs, kemper videos, blah blah, profile reviews too.

    Cheerios and have a great time with music, with kemper or anything you like :)

    Peace xx

    (PS -- I will not be replying on this thread, for obvious reasons, thank you)

  • That's too bad, man. I, for one, have really respected that your posts have always been constructive, to the point, and not bogged down in infantile mudslinging. I'll DM you my email to keep in touch because I think your pragmatic quest for better tone is admirable.

    Sorry that the Loyal Servants of the Church of Kemper lead you to this point. Rest assured you are not the problem despite constant gas lighting.

    Best wishes, brother.

  • Take a break brother otherwise they win, at least stay in touch man

    Dimi these guys remind me if my FRFR
    in the fact that they have NO character :D


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

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  • Man, if those off-the-forum, targeted, "racist insults" and "mockery" and so on did indeed emanate from forum members, it'd be a first for this forum AFAIA, Dimi.

    What makes that news even-more-shocking to me is that this stuff's been directed at someone who's been impeccable in his treatment of others here. You've been articulate, thoughtful, insightful, patient... and the list goes on, hardly someone one would think would attract personal attacks of any kind. Shaking my head, mate. You're all-class and so don't deserve any of that.

    As you expected, I'm going to plead with you to hang around, Dimi. I agree with the suggestion that you try taking a break for a while and / or devoting less energy overall to the forum. We all need breaks sometimes, especially when things come to a head as they appear to have done for you. Such behaviour on the part of others is obviously something you cannot control, but surely the support of the community at large here could serve to shore up your enthusiasm / self esteem / confidence to continue to press on here, gracing us with your treble... I mean, presence?

    My thinking is that those who might get a kick out of trying to bring you down emotionally will have lost the battle when they see that:

    A) You refused to run away.
    B) The forum supports your being here and appreciates your valued input very much.
    C) We actually enjoy your company!

    That's all I've got for you for now, mate. IMHO you've displayed a natural reaction to being pushed over the edge by this bullying you speak of; the proverbial straw, if you like, so a break at the oasis whereby you can refill your hump and heal that back makes sense... IMHO.

    Well, that's the internet for you; everybody's got an opinion, and those are mine, Brother Dimi. In short, please don't go mate, at least, not for too long!

  • @Dimi84

    Dimitri, first of all, thank you for the kind words.

    Secondly, I respect that your mind is made up, but you are a valued member of this community, and you will be missed. While we didn't agree on everything, I always enjoyed our cordial and respectful discussions, and I greatly respect your passion and hard work in calling attention to improvements you feel could be made with the KPA system. Of special note is your profiling work and recording examples, which you shared with the community.

    I absolutely am with Nicky ( @Monkey_Man ) and feel terrible that you have been harassed on other forums or social media sites, by individuals who may also be members of this Kemper community. There is absolutely no call for that.

    Hoping you return eventually, although I certainly understand why you feel you need some time off and away from what, unfortunately, can devolve into rather juvenille drama.

    Cheers, mate.


  • I hope whomever is responsible realizes that they are behaving like an infantile sack of worthlessness over a piece of gear. A piece of fucking gear. It's beyond sad the lengths people go to because you dared not agree with everything they like, even over something this trivial and inconsequential.

    Well done, Mr Keyboard Warrior. What a noble, worthwhile existence you lead.

  • I remember confronting bullies at school they were very afraid when some one was PYSCHO enough to show them that NO MERCY can also extend to them..the most i have ever seen people like this get pissed off is when you show them that they have no value and at them and laugh at them..people give other people shit because they CRAVE value and acceptance (attention too).

    one day , when bullies were shown that my SMILE to what ever they said meant their crap is NOTHING, ooow did this PISS the off so much i can not even describe..lets just say they did not know what to think.keeping it short, give these people no value and acceptance, and dont live through the reactive mind, they will feel empty. IGNORE THEM

    And it serves them right.
    I used to love beating the crap out of bullies
    I am a good boy now :)


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

  • Well I'm shocked if you have received messages from people on the forum that are insulting.

    You always criticise the kemper sound BUT in a positive way. It's clear you do so in order to help improve the product.

    I agree with others. Take a break, post less maybe but don't completely leave.

  • All is sayd and done Dimi. You know your stuff and we have an old saw here in Germany:

    What cares a German oak tree when a dog pissed it on ( or someting like that).

    Dont care so much about the creeps, have a break and please come back.


    (never posted an answer to your thread but i was very interested in your thoughts). I also got many negative texts after criticising M. Britt sounds, but I dont care so much.

  • It is a pity that a competent and often helpful colleague wants to leave us.

    I think that in this forum personal attachments and sub-attacks are rather rare.
    You can not completely avoid them, but you can avoid them by ignoring them.
    Escalations are unfortunately easily possible in such a medium because the direct contact is missing.

    Frank has formulated it most appropriately.

    Sleep a few nights and come back.
    Nothing will be eaten as hot as it was cooked

  • I am shocked by the bullying and very sorry you are leaving. You were always polite and constructive, and though some may have seen you as stubborn and opinionated, your criticism of the Kemper was and is well-meant. You brought up issues to make the Kemper better and contributed to our knowledge of the device.
    This is a forum about a device to make music, either as pros or amateurs, not a sect, at least to most of us.

  • One thing I learned in life is, that not all people who share your hobby or a specific dedication to something, tick the same or meet my expectation.
    They can be completely idiots (from my point of view). And to defend oneself or a point of view in the internet can be an unhealthy trap... and time killer.

    And no, using a Kemper or joining a forum does not automatically make someone a nice person (but eventually a bully with better sound ^^ ).

    You will find every kind of people also in this forum - I don't give advise how to deal with that. I personally like the attitude of sinmix - even if some comments are "rude" it makes me laugh and he knows what REALLY is important in life (sorry, not kemper... maybe family, health, o.k. cabs :D ). And he is coming back after he is banished every time.

    Taking a time-out is not the badest thing, by the way. Sometimes if you don't go away from it voluntarily, something happens and you are forced to take the time and recover.

    This is my first post since... weeks....and I wasn't able to even touch a Kemper in this time, but there ARE more important things in life and you get new perdpectives... and Dimi after the storm calmed, you should come back!

  • I have gone through 1-2 tips from you and to be honest I did not understand much as it is too deep for me and my musical/technical English skills do not allow me to understand all. I am not there yet, I just enjoy playing and don't have more time for extra stuff, plus I already consider my kemper sounds amazing.

    for sure you are a great musician & a dedicated guy. wherever you'll go, if you bring your contribution, you'll be facing negative people. just go beyond