Disable or Program Bank Up/Down Buttons on the Profiler Remote

  • So Kemper added the ability to disable or reprogram the Tuner, Looper, and Tap buttons. How about the same for the Program Bank Up and Program Bank Down buttons?

    Until then, my work around is to duplicate my performance a dozen times so that every time I accidentally hit the Up or Down button, it navigates me to an identical set of rigs. That works, but it's not exactly elegant...

  • In between I engineered a quick, dirty and solid hardware solution. :D

    Just press a small piece of rubber tube over the switch´s thread.
    Inner diameter approx. 10mm, length 12mm.

    It´s impossible to press the buttons with your feet.
    If you don´t have fingers like sausages, the buttons can be pressed with the fingertip.

    EDIT : Length 12mm is better.

  • I actually thought there was a work around where if you only had one peformance loaded in the KPA you couldn't change rigs by accident. Just deleted all my performances to test it and it turns out there ISN'T :( If you only have a rig loaded in Performance ! you can't scroll down but can still scroll all the way up through the empty performances. It would make sense to be ably to scroll through performances at both ends and to limit the scrolling to only active performances.

    The only work around I can see just now is to make sure that Performances are set to "Pending" so that performances don't change straight away.

    As for the ability to disable the physical buttons; that makes total sense but I would go further and say you should be able to assign them to any function you want just like the other 3 buttons.

    In fact I would go even further and say it would be great to be able to switch the function of buttons on the fly from the Remote itself. That way you could Lock/Unlock during a gig if you want to temporarily lock the up/down buttons. This could be easily achieved by something like a long hold on 2 buttons simultaneously (which is how RJM do it in their Mastermind controllers). This could use the Up and Down buttons together or the rig 1 and 3 buttons - to totally rule out accidental activation for the super clumsy ^^.

    Once in edit mode you could either use existing buttons to directly access specific functions or just use the button you want to change to scroll though a list of functions before hitting an enter button to change back to normal mode.