Profile Request - Dual Rectifier For 90s/2000s Punk Pop/Rock/Emo

  • Relatively newer(4mo in) Kemper user looking for some help trying to find some profiles that fit the “genre” the band is currently playing, which is late 90’s -2000s pop punk/rock/emo. Covering the likes of: Fallout Boy, Blink182, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Sugarcult, Foo Fighters, Dashboard, My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, Bowling for Soup, Lit….you get the drift.

    Started off as a joke reliving some glory days after throwing back a couple on jam nights with some songs….next thing we know, we committed and have gigs regularly booked going strong for nearly a year now. I was using a Mesa Roadster, pretty much a Dual Rec, mic'd with a SM57 and it nailed most of the songs that we played but fortunately/unfortunately I had my first little one and can’t play my brutally loud Mesa practicing or on jam nights at home anymore. Insert the Kemper and its silent practicing, recording, versatility and consistency through our PA.

    I'm trying to go all in with the Kemper but I've not found that Mesa Dual Rec tone like I had. I’ve searched, downloaded, purchased and tweaked a bunch of profiles and I have not been able to find that “tone” the Mesa through the SM57 carried. Some profiles sound amazing but not what my ears are looking for. Seems like most profiles for the Dual Rec/Roadster are catered to metal, insane gain and are too fizzy, not really what I need. I’ve tried to profile the Roadster but I disliked the results. I've searched and not been able to find any posts for what I am looking for. Profiles I've tried:

    Deathlight Studios/Ton(e)hammer - using this now as it was the closest
    Countless Rig Exchange Profiles

    Anyone have any thoughts or profile suggestions?

    Thanks in advanced!