Sharing my first profile (cranked Cornell Plexi 7 with EP Booster)

  • Hi everyone,

    Got my Kemper on Friday and finally off work (and free of the wife!) today to have a proper play with it. Just made my first profile, took about 10 mins and wasn't picky with mic placement or anything... really impressed! I'm only hearing the Kemper through headphones as I'm still awaiting a Zilla cab for it, so it might not sound great through a cab. Would be interested to know if anyone else like the result or if I'm just biased!?

    Anyway as the title says its a Cornell Plexi 7 cranked up to nearly 10 on the high (7 watt haha) power setting. Through my Xotic EP Booster first as I love the sound that gives, level set to only 2-3. SM58 with the top removed.

    Uploaded to RE as 'CornPlex7EPboost'. Loving the Kemper so far, hope you enjoy :thumbup: