Deleting Performances ( once again )

  • Hi. If anyone can help it would be great.
    I have updated Rig Manager ( from the update which comes up on startup of Rig Manager itself) and also updated ( the same method ) the operating system for the Kemper. I am trying to delete performances as I have some new ones to replace the old. I have been able to do this in the past but now the "delete" is grayed out and unavailable. Thanks............ 8| Im stuck

  • Maybe because you've chosen the performance you want to delete?

    Try to choose another performance, so the little headphones symbol does appear on another performance) and the right click on the one you want to delete.

    Maybe this helps.

  • With the Beta Version 3.0.89, there is no delete performances menu option under My Profiler rather there is an "Initialize Performance".

    I have about 75 empty New Performance till the last 125th that I want to remove. I don't recall if it was always like that brcause now I use the 3 Beta.

    Trying to import a performance from the local library to the profiler increased the number of performances to 126 which caused a freeze of the kemper. Maybe this is a bug,