Americans: STOP noodling with the Kemper and go back to your amps......

  • ....and, please :) , profile them! We have posted more profiles from Europe in 1 day then you in a week! :D We are starving for new profiles (yes, it is addictive!).

    BTW: this is valid for all countries outside US as well 8)

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  • Busy busy busy! And profiling means effort man, like booting up into OSX, that involves like holding down the alt key for like almost ten whole seconds! Then fire up the Apogee and connect some less nicer mics then setup the routing and internal mixer, not to mention isolating the amp in the next room and running the cables through... do you have any idea how much mouse movement is involved in all that? Not to mention heavy lifting. Much easier to just turn on and play profiles that other people have made. That's what we've got Europeans for after all. :P

  • FWIW I'm about to take a 2 hour lunch to go home and try and profile my Roland Cube 30X... I'm sure no one will want the profile, but I need to check out profiling to see how it works. Then I will take it on the road and grab some nice amps to share with everyone ;)

  • I'm with CSGBAND here. I'm staring at my ENGL E-570 and thinking that there's three channels, each with several tonal and gain modifier buttons - at least a dozen different combinations worth profiling here. And then there's the question of EQ - should I go with what sounds best, or all knobs flat? And then there's the cab issues; leave it out, throw on the Palmer, or mike up the cab? Attempt to profile the overdrive chain? The post-amp channel strip EQ?

    So many variables - doing this right takes thought and effort. I worry that we're going to be drowning in amateur-grade profiles as the amp increases in popularity, and this could lend a bad rep of the "Millions of sounds, all mediocre!" kind of thing. No doubt we're going to see a handful of professional producer-engineers trying to make a go of being the Redwirez of profile suppliers at some point. Profile rankings on the Exchange page might help sort things a bit, although crowdsourced opinions are only as strong as the background of the people evaluating, of course.



  • I think this will happen. In my case the Kemper just got released in the US last week at Sweetwater. I myelf am still learning how to do it. I hope by next year there are so many profiles we won't know what to do with all of them. :)

  • I profiled one channel on my amp, second day in. I will do more for sure soon, just have to do that stupid thing called work. Ugh. oh there will be plenty of patches it will be hard to wade through them all eventually :-)