Best free Soldano profiles?

  • Inspired by a recent thread in the commercial section I wanted to pool the community for opinions about the best free Soldano profiles. As was mentioned in the other thread (and in previous discussions here), Thumas has made some very nice merged Soldano profiles. What other favorites do you have?

    If we get a good set of responses here, another thread could be opened for another amp. I think it makes a lot of sense to discuss and compare profiles in the context of specific amps. It also allows opinions about the tones and use cases of the amp itself.

    • Bring it on! ^^
  • Per my recommendation in the previous thread you mentioned...

    I highly recommend the free profile of the Soldano HR 100 (modded to SLO specs), by "Thumas".

    The profile can be found on the Rig Exchange by searching for "Thumas" and/or "Soldano HR 4 Merged TS"

    This is a merged profile. I also recommend trying this profile with one of Till's CabLab Cabinet profiles, such as #49 or #50.


  • Hello!

    I'm just here to comment that I discovered these free profiles and I'm blown away!!

    My current fav is the "Soldano S03 57+421" Which is almost the same combo I used 2 years ago on a studio to record my Jet City 100HDM (Cheap Soldano Hot Rod 100+). I used a Sennheiser e906 and a 421, so this profile fits me very well.

    To anyone looking for free Soldano profiles, I highly recommend these.

    PD: I just noticed he updated a lot of profiles 5 days ago! The one I am using by the way...