Keep my AC-30 to profile my sounds or sell it?

  • I hesitate a lot, if I sell my AC-30 I will get my Kemper faster. (I will get the total $ to buy it faster ) But will I regret it when it's time to to create my own profiles? Or maybe I'll be perfectly happy buying the best profiles and tweek it to my taste... Its hard to answer this question guys.... Money is tight for me these days Any advice?. I'd like to know if some of you with great amps like mine, profile a lot or just forget about your amp and just play with your Kemper ? Or if you cannot live without creating your own profiles with your tube amp (maybe sell it if thats good enough) Thanks

    PS: it would be so easy to decide if I could experiment it

  • I was in the same boat as you (different amp) and I ultimately decided I wanted both for different situations. I love the KPA, but if I was forced to choose I'd keep my tube amp. It's a first world problem. :)

    The KPA has excellent sounds, great flexibility, and simple set up once learned/configured. My tube amp has incredible sounds and the digital realm is just getting better and cheaper.

  • Only you can answer the problem unfortunately. My experience: I have a lovely genz Benz black pearl 30 which I never use. Still got it but can't even remember the last time I fired it up. The kemper I use every single day.

  • Since it's partly a question of personal economy, I think someone should point out the value of floating a bit of extra money instead of using everything from every paycheck. That kind of buffert reduces economical risks and is also what would allow a temporary ownership of two amplifiers. If expensive gear like the KPA is in reach then a buffert is also in reach. :)

  • Only you can answer the problem unfortunately. My experience: I have a lovely genz Benz black pearl 30 which I never use. Still got it but can't even remember the last time I fired it up. The kemper I use every single day.

    Thank you all for your help. I am 100% sure that I will never carry my AC-30 for shows again, as tube can broke at the worst moment (it did happen to me) and its heavy (like a baby elephant ;-) ) I find it difficult also to combine the pedals on my pedal board, in a way that I change sound fastly. I know some guitarist are very good at it, but not me for some reason. Its never well balanced etc. So the only reason I would get it is to make my own profile and as I am very keen to get good sound, maybe I could benefit from it (and others too if I share or even sell (not sure about that though LOL .

    But as I see the good profiles we can buy a part of me says just sell the damn amp and forget it and buy the Kemper. Another thing that I hate is to install microphones , and tweak my pedal board for hours . When I finally get a decent sound I'd like to save it as I do with presets when I sample with my keyboard equipment. You know we tweak for hours make our own sample or buy a library and fine tune for hours (I even tune the library samples some are out of tune) but this hard work got a reward... save .. use it whenever you want. I'd like to do the same kind of work with Kemper the Britt profiles etc and then fine tune it Then its ready to do overdubs on whatever track I record or to do a show with it . So I will think about it again.

    If I had the money I would keep both just to know if I am good at profiling.... then 2 possibility,
    1-I try hard to profile and then realise that Britt and cie are way better... so i sell the amp. Or
    2-I realise I love profiling and become a very good profiler LOL and can even sell my sounds (too good to be true LOl but you know...) hahahaha Anyway in the meantime I dont enjoy the Kemper ... nor the amp

    PS english is my second langage I hope I make sense on this difficult matter ;-) thanks for your patience and help everyone, have a nice day

  • Over time, your AC-30 will hold its value more than digital gear and this amp model in particular is a staple. However if you are over it already because of the weight or other issues, maybe consider trading it for something you'll be able to use. One amp I still have and use profusely is my Blues Junior (can carry it the subway/taxi, can even mic it if the venue is bigger). As awesome as the KPA is, there are still many situations for me where bringing the amp is just more appropriate.

  • Hi, no I've never profiled the amp. To be honest I've not got access to any space where I can crank it to get the sounds I like for profiles and there are lots of very good profiles out there already
    for hundreds of other amps.

  • I'm in a similar position. Since I bought my Kemper I haven't even touched my AC30 once. I don't play live any more and the Kemper covers all the AC30 tones I could ever want. My wife tells me to keep it but I'm back and forth about it. Mine is a AC30cc2 and has some bugs (cracks and pops sometimes).

    I guess we have two alternatives: 1) keep it and leave it at that 2) keep it for a few months, profile it and sell it off.

    The first alternative (1) means you'll have a box collecting dust in the corner that someone else could be using and the second alternative (2) means you won't have this amp to play around with (live and recording).

    Mine will probably fetch about 600 I'm back and forth about the effort.

  • I understand the dilemma. But in the end it will be a story that tells itself. Personally I sold an AC 15 Heritage, an AC 30 C2 and an AC 30 HW, one by one, after they all had collected dust for many months.
    No regrets.

  • AC30's are a dime a dozen, so I would not hesitate to sell/trade it as you could always get another. I still have three tube amps (smaller and limited numbers you can't just go out and find) but sold off the larger , more common ones. I did sell them after I had the Kemper, so you might want to wait and see of the profiler is for you before making the decision.