[solved] REAMPING issue with TotalMix, Babyface Pro and Reaper

  • Hello,
    I'm having a lot of troubles in order to reamp tracks via SPDIF and I think it's because I'm doing something wrong in the routing (my tech skills are not excellent at all..)

    First I recorded a DI track from kemper SPDIF output into my interface input to check if cables are ok, and everything worked smoothly.
    Then I followed the manual instructions and apparently plugged everything correctly (Kemper SPDIF input into audio interface SPDIF output via a digital toslink/coaxial converter).

    I switched the Kemper Input to SPDIF reamp and hit play on my DAW. Signal is coming to KPA because the green light is blinking, but no reamp is happening. Even more all the tracks are actually going to the Kemper which is not correct.

    SO I opened my interface routing software (TotalMix) and monitored the levels, and I saw that the AN 1 (the main kemper input, where the guitar is plugged) is having signal, even if I am not touching the guitar. This happens immediately when I switch the input source from "front" to "spdif reamp". Am I do something wrong here?

    So I tried to assign a different output for the SPDIF (which is named AS1/2 in TM) in order to have just the DI track feeding the KPA. In TM control room, I have assigned phones 2 output (a submix) to AS1/2. Then in Repaer I assigned the DI tracks output to AS1/2 (optical output on the Babyface). But this didn't solve the issue, because I still have the Kemper receiving all the tracks, and no reamping is happening.

    Am I doing some mistakes in TM routing? but still don't understand what I'm doing wrong.
    Maybe someone with a similar setup could help me?
    Any tips will be really appreciated :)

    UPDATE: With the submix fader (phones 2) I can control the signal who goes to the KPA (at -inf the input is not blinking). But still when I feed the submix the signal comes from the KPA analog output too, and all the tracks in the DAW are still routed in the Profiler's signal flow.
    This is a pic of Total Mix while Reaper is playing https://ibb.co/mutT9F

  • actually I found how to hear the reamp sound, that's great!

    but still the reamp signal comes both from main output and SPDIF ...why ??
    If I put the KPA main output off, I hear just the DI guitar...

  • So, I cleared my head and experimented again, but still in trouble.
    Basically the main problem is: Why the reamped signal comes from the main output instead of SPDIF?

    My interface is feeding the Kemper through SPDIF, because I can see the KPA blinking. But I can't hear any signal in my DAW, even if I route the DI track to SPDIF output channel. Instead, I can hear the reamped signal coming from KPA main ANALOG OUT, which is plugged into my interface ANALOG IN. Which is the wrong fader and basically it reamps everything who goes into my main output.
    This doesn't make any sense, why the signal should go from SPDIF to Kemper then from Kemper analog into my interface again?
    Should I change some output settings on KPA?

    EDIT: I have a very stupid noob question. When you do reamping, you should have two cables plugged, both IN and OUT ? (even if the DI track has already been recorded?)


    there were two problems in my setup:

    1) on my SPDIF submix in TotalMix, I was feeding the main output of my interface (AN 1/2). This is bad and causes feedback, so I needed to put the fader down
    2) In reaper, I have to put the DI SPDIF OUT to "pre fader"

    this was driven me crazy :)