NP - '800 profiles featuring rare speakers

  • I have the pleasure of introducing a new set of profiles from Northern Profiles, seeking to emulate the tone of a underrated but very nice sounding amp: the Marshall 2203KK!

    From my web store:

    A fantastic set of profiles, for everything from that classic Marshall breakup and grind to modded aggressive hard rock and metal tones!

    This particular Marshall amp is a highly underrated one, due to the arguably hideous tribal pattern found on both the metal faceplate and front grill. What's good about that is that it is a full blown, 100% pure JCM800 at a really good price with an alternative design and built in boost!

    Four of them are also boosted with a J. Rocket Archer, based on the Klon Centaur and without doubt one of the best boost pedals I've ever heard. Works really well as a pure clean boost, but I liked it best with gain at 9 o'clock which the profiles also feature.

    What's really unique about this pack, is the cabinet and speaker part of the profiles. The cabinet is an EVH 5150III 4x12, loaded with Wizard Rock 20 speakers custom made by Eminence for Wizard Amplification in Canada! They are 20 watt speakers made to be a little more similar to the 25 watt Greenbacks, and they are a little tighter and hold together better at high volumes than the stock Heritage Greenbacks. Extremely hard to come by, unless you cash out 2000$ for a Wizard cab!

    This pack features:
    - 4 settings in stock mode, 4x merged and 4x studio profiles.
    - 3 settings with the Beast mode activated, 3x merged and 3x studio profiles.
    - 4 settings in stock mode boosted with a J. Rockett Archer, 1x merged and 4x studio profiles.


    Link to web store: http://northernprofiles.bigcar…turing-very-rare-speakers

    Sound clip recorded using a custom mahogany Telecaster w/ P90s:

  • Hi again guys, sorry for my late reply! 100 kr is about 10.50€ yes. I also want to add that I recently found out that the clips were recorded with Pure Cabinet at 3, which is what you have to do to recreate the tone in the clips!