Hello - new owner in Detroit Michigan USA

  • By the way, whipping post is a perfect song, eh? My new favorite solo is Duane's 9/23 1970 at the Fillmore (the one where Dickey flubs the cue, poor guy). Love playing that one live.lately.

  • Quick story from this first weekend with the Profiler. I searched Rigs and didn't immediately find a tweed champ. So I tried a first profiling exercise with my 1959 champ and an SM57, watching the YouTube tutorial. As a test, I cranked the original Layla in the studio through the studio loudspeakers and played along with Duane's slide parts. Near the very end of the second half of the song, I looked up and my wife was standing there. I turned everything down, and she told me that she needed to discuss my son's upcoming wedding details. Then out of the blue, she added, "Why were you playing and I couldn't hear you?" No kidding, I was just as loud as the guitar tracks. The fact is, the tone and feel were identical to the recording. A week ago, I would have argued that this was unlikely. Eureka.

    Brilliant, man! 8o