Finally found the holy Grail - Mission Gemini 2

  • After several test trail with different gears, PA Loudspeaker FRFR and guitar cab 2x12 with Tube amp with FX return for my toaster unpowered.
    I was not happy with both setup to get the real guitar tube amp cab tone and also keep the FRFR super crystal clean all subtile effect that Kemper give you.
    I play mainly live condition, no FOH, and i play loud with an rock to heavy rock band.
    I discussed with guys from Blueamp (nice product, but far from Canada, tax, duty, transport, time and $$$ to get a stereo set-up) and i can't test there products.
    issue is that the offer a FRFR / GFR switch (on-off)
    I discussed with guys from Redzone too, look interesting, about same comments as Blueamp
    I discussed with guys from Friedmann, ASC12, need too, not really an FRFR at the end, guys from Sweatwater do not recommanded fro my need, some customer complain too.

    Finally with all consideration i decide to buy:

    Mission Eng. Gemini 2 Live.

    Guys, i am extremely happy with this stereo powered amp with his Coaxial speakers hooked to Class D amp and especially the EmPower adjustable pot.
    The secret of the perfect match to get best of both worlds (FRFR and GFR) is the EmPower adjustment, mind is adjusted at 70% Flat.
    It is amazing
    it disperse sound extremely well, it is very loud, it is feel like a real tube amp, superb feedback control, keep benefit of FRFR like PA Loudspeakers, Stereo, 2x12 closed cab.

    I am use to play with Mesa boogie Dual recto with closed 2x12 cab and many other amps before,
    For me my several months of tests and search for the holy Grail is completed now.

    Buy the way, this amp is not cheap, but less expensif than Blueamp at the end.

    I also telling you a little secret of what i did on that amp.
    I turned my Gemini 2 Live model (air fan that is noisy) to a Gemini studio model (silence powered supply) and i save 550$ canadian.
    It took me 2 hours to do so, it is easy, safe, and it work
    I put a high quality power supply (no fan), 10A output, adjusted voltage to 24.0v, and i disconnected the supplied power supply that have an air fan (little noise when not playing).
    it cost me nothing since you can find this easily.
    Mind is an Omron power supply for PLC electric cabinet.
    No heat, no noise, filtered, 10A output, simple to connect on currents amp cables.
    if you cant do it yourself, just buy the Studio model and pay extra $$


  • Are you talking to me? Are YOU talking to me? I dont see any one else here :D:D
    Dont forget to use the new delays and stereo effects on the cab ...STEREO FRFR'S have no equal :rolleyes::thumbup:
    Studio and live cabs below..sound is INSANE.

    [Blocked Image:]


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

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  • Well...

    I went ahead and ordered a Gemini Wedge.

    I really wanted the Gemini 2 that has 2 12" speakers, but I couldn't justify the cost AND it's like 60 lbs. Part of the reason I went with the KPA was to reduce weight so a 60lb speaker is just too much.

    So we'll see. I hope I get better results than with my DXR10 (I have a good feeling that I will)

    Looking forward!

  • Brah get 2 wedges ..(the mission wedges and cabs have an auto master slave driver to go into stereo)
    god dam it...the kemper WORKS BEST IN STEREO
    DONT waste your time in these mono cabs
    TRY it and tell me i am full of BS :rolleyes::whistling::P Mono cab dont give the kemper as much life as stereo cabs :whistling::love:


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

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  • I am on gig #2 with my new wedge.

    I hate to be a wet blanket, but so far I'm not convinced.

    To be fair, I have not spent much time dialing in my rigs for the new speaker. But the thing I've noticed is that it might not be loud enough. I am running it wide open with the KPA master on 5 or so.

    I am noticing some distortion that I didn't notice with my Yahama (which I believe is 600w)

    The Misdion wedge is one 110w. I'm wondering if it can't handle the volume.

    For reference I am using it in a wedding band that plays everything from jazz to 60's soul to disco to 80's rock.

    It sounds great when the band is quiet but I'm not convinced it has the headroom I need...

  • I know guys that they are very happy with DRX10 but they are playing mid gain to clean stuff.
    so this is perfect for them.
    DRX10 is a very high quality PA Loudspeaker FRFR, no issue.
    But i use them as PA Speakers for voice, not for guitar.
    Because i am playing more Hard Heavy Rock using hi-Gain profile.
    For me it is more real and feel more like a real cab and tube amp with Gemini 2 with EmPower adjusted at 70% FRFR.
    Yes i agree with Ashtweth, Stereo is way better than Mono.
    When you try it, you don't want to go back to Mono.

  • Hi Michael,

    I also purchased the Gemini2 and am curious what exact model power supply you bought. If you have a link that would be great. I love the Gemini2 but I can see the fan getting annoying.

    Did you remove the old power supply?
    Does the new one fit in the same spot as the old one well?

    Another thing I'd like to do is place castors on the bottom to make it easier to move.


  • I'm looking to replace my current speaker setup (2 unmatched, traditional 4x12 cabinets on either side of room) with the best and, hopefully, affordable pair of matched Passive FRFR cabinets I can find.

    I started out thinking something like this:

    Mission Eng KM-212P…s/km-212p/?v=3e8d115eb4b3

    But then I found this and other threads and am wondering a couple things.

    1 - These KM-212Ps don't seem to have many of the features discussed in this thread such as FRFR / GFR.

    2 - As stated on the product page, "ideal for those who prefer a traditional guitar cab over full range speaker" - this seems to suggest the speakers are NOT full range so I suspect I may have taken a wrong turn in considering them in the first place.

    So, just wondering what the community here would recommend I look at. Budget is about $1500 max (I hope haha)


  • I'm quite new to my Kemper and Gemini 2 by Mission Engineering. Not an expert guitarist, aw hell might as well be honest, I'm someone that owns a guitar that screws around with it probably 2-3 hours a week, maybe 2-3 times a month I jam with my buds. Got the Gemini 2 to take place of my Peavey 6505+112 w/ a V30 in it. The high gain profiles I have from various people sound kinda buzzy thru the Gem2(cleans are good). It doesn't matter where the CAB knob is, which almost just seems like a presence adjustment. Those profiles are the profiles that have the cab included. When I plug the Kemper with a DI profile (no cab) of the same amp that has the cab included into the send of my Peavey I get a nice growl type sound instead of a buzzy sound. The whole FRFR seems like a bunch of bull. If every FRFR cab was truly a flat response +-1 dB they should all sound pretty much the same except for the volume depending on the size of the amp. I haven't heard this yet but I find it hard to believe that a 1x12 FRFR cab will sound the same as a 4x12 cab. I've seen many comparison videos of FRFR cabs and they all sound different from one another. One other thing I don't get is that they are profiling a guitar thru an amp thru a GUITAR speaker cab. That guitar speaker usually rolls off quite dramatically after 5kHZ so right there you are changing probably the most important variable in the signal chain. Anybody have any info on comparisons of tube amp power stage frequency response vs solid state frequency response where both are driven into the exact same load. Unless I'm wrong I can't see that being as much as a kink in the armor as a different speaker cab. After all this writing hope I get some kind of a response from somebody. Feel like I need a good stereo tube power amp no pre-amp/ tone adjustemts or maybe just solid state and a decent non-FRFR cab. Am I wrong?

  • mkubena i have a Gemini 2 and haven’t noticed the buzziness you describe. If you haven’t yet try disabling the Pure Cab. I think it’s under the Output section. Also you might want to consider putting your message in a new post. It would probably get more views and responses.

  • I i experienced some of that ONLY with certain profiles and hot active pick ups, soon as i change guitar the rig is fine.

    Not sure i am reading the problem right , but you should be able to run an FRFR stereo cab with the right profile /guitar

    with NO problems. I am using the non active set up (no powered heads).

    Did you try running it FLAT? (leaving the guitar knob out of it etc) I only run every thing flat and have no problems


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.