Anyone load 3 Sigma IRs onto their Kemper?

  • I got an email in August saying that all of their cab IRs had been updated. I messed around with the cab off and some IRs loaded in Reaper and was having pretty good results. Anyone try actually loading the 3 Sigma ones into the Kemper and using them? I'm going to try to make time to do that this weekend, but was wondering if anyone else had success with 3 Sigma Stuff in the Kemper and not in the DAW.

    I wasn't sure as to the proper place to post this. Please feel free to move to a more appropriate sub-forum, if necessary.

  • Yes, I tried one set of theirs (212 Suhr 12-65). I would recommend highly the Celestion IR's...followed by Ownhammer. But that's my 2 cents. You can get 3 IR samples from Celestion, Ownhammer and Redwirez for free and that may do it for you. V30, M25 and V60. It will definitely give you a good taste.