About to pull the trigger into Kemper World **Need Help

  • Look when I matched a mark v with my ax8 it was just drive and amp block used and a quilter amp that I’m using now

    If you take the impulse response out of the equation, of course it's a lot easier to match an amp. But that's not what I've been talking about. Try matching the tone of a mic'd amp using the Axe FX and it gets more complicated. The Axe FX can't do it with just an amp and cab block unless you're using the same IR. Even then, like I said, not all amps of the same make and model sound alike. The amp models in the Axe FX are based on the reference amps that Fractal Audio own. The fact you could match a Mesa with an AX8 model doesn't mean another Mesa with the same specs will sound the same.

  • and you agree kemper only strength is an impulse generator, if the axe could capture a ir then you would agree with me? Cause you just said only difference is the cab, I’m saying difference is options, work flow, routing, better effects, dual amps etc

  • I’m talking about amp in the room from the beginning and yes axefx in new firmware straight in is the same, the ir matters cause I don’t like what the kemper captures, ownhammer is way better

    Even if you remove the IR from the equation, amps of the same make and model often do not sound identical. There are a lot of reasons why this is so. All electronic parts have tolerances, and when you factor in all of the electronic parts in an amp, those tolerances add up. That's one reason two amps can sound different.

    Tubes may be different from amp to amp, and tubes vary a lot, even the same brand and type. It's always recommended to buy a matching set, but the tubes match each other in the set, not the ones in a different amp. For a given brand and model, one tube might be gainy and in another it might be mellow.

    Even if you could buy identical tubes, the amps would still vary due to the tolerances.

  • no amp will ever sound the same, I don’t know how your trying to justify this. I’m admitting I over spent for a unit your trying to justify your purchase

    Trying to justify what purchase? Like I said, I own both, a Kemper and an Axe FX II. You no longer own an AX8, so if anything you're trying to justify why you no longer have one.

    if you read the OP post and learn what he is doing then in reality no the kemper isn’t great for him

    I read the OP. The Kemper would work fine in his situation. He could profile his amp and use his 2x12 in conjunction with direct profiles of his amp.

  • WTF is this convo even about? :D
    New Kemper user here that is very satisfied working his way to extremely satisfied.
    Musical instruments, amps, recording devices, mics, blah blah blah are very subjective.
    Try asking a group of people who the best guitar player is, yeesh.
    Why would I give a rats ass if you think that an AxeFX is better? If it's good/better for you then I'm happy for you. Excellent!
    You'd be wasting your time in a Kemper forum trying to convince happy/successful/professional Kemper users that your idea is better, so...
    Just sayin'
    Enjoy your gear and make music.

  • As a new user for almost 4 month, I have to say, that I am not overly impressed with the sound of the KPA for live situations. For my home recording Studio the unit is great.

    I still can not get used to the grainy, artificial distortion sounds of the unit through the dxr10. That's why I still prefer to play my Marshall live.

    However, it seems that the KPA can also sound great live as it is shown on various YouTube videos, which were captured with a mobile phone and not pimmped up in the studio to make the KPA sound huge.

    For myself I decided not to return the unit and to spend some more time with it and see if I can make it work. Even, if I decide to sell it after a year, it will not be a problem as it pretty much holds its value at least here in Germany.

    Recently, I talked to our sound guy, who is a professional and is also mixing other bands, he told me that one of his clients uses a KPA live, but it took the guy almost a year to make it sound like a good Marshall amp.

    Now, as a professional, I would assume, that one can spend more time with the unit and can make it sound good quicker.

    But I am not really, there. And if not, I will use it as practise and studio amp and play tube amps on Stage.


  • Make Direct Amp profiles of your tube amps and play them through your guitar cab on stage. Done.

  • Make Direct Amp profiles of your tube amps and play them through your guitar cab on stage. Done.

    Did that already. I have the unpowered version. Played the DI-profile through a Marshall 20/20 el34 power amp through a 2x12 Marshall vintage cab. Sounded ok, but not really great. And if I think of all that gear to carry around I might as well keep playing my old Marshall tube amp.

    But, I think, I will buy a solid state power amp and see how that works as the tube power amp colours the sound as well.