Kemper/poweramp/cab Resonance- im an idiot-fixed

  • Just to avoid confusion, the profiles that capture the power amp/cabinet interaction separately from the cabinet "tone" are Direct Amp profiles and are tapped by a DI box that can handle powered signals placed between the power amp and the speaker. DI profiles are captured at the preamp output, either the dedicated DI Out on an amp or via the effects loop send.

  • Okay update, using the eq I did get the rumbled I was missing, but I just bought a Rivera 2x12 looks like from the m series. It’s loaded with original jbl e120s, I can now run a cab profile as their neutral speakers and it sounds amazing, even the cabs I ragged on from commercial profilers, there is a disconnect still removing the cab, but now I have full amp in the room and can use kemper to its full ability

  • Studio eq the move over to mid 1 it has gain Q and frequency adjustment, I set Q to middle.707 frequency start at 60 hz and put gain to 10, open back cabs will resonate at lower frequencies a closed back around 100 but sweep it then when you hear and feel it bring gain down to like 3 set ducking to like -2

  • So I’ve had a light struggle using my Kemper for amp in the room sounds, when separating the cab the Kemper seems to loose the cab interaction. I remembered how to achieve this in the axefx and seems on experiment the same rule applies to Kemper. Result is moving air, chugs are deep like you would expect. I haven’t messed with it yet allot, just tried it but instantly I’m getting out of it what I felt I was missing. This is for the poweramp and cab guys to try.

    Place a studio eq in x or mod slot, set the frequency to 80, Q to 5.0, and gain to 10. Now you’ll need to get volume to band levels or just louder than quiet. Play a chug and loop it or have someone chug for you, start sweeping the frequency until you hear the cab resonate could be really anywhere from 60-125 or so depending on the cab. Now that you found the resonance you can back the gain down if it’s too much or leave it if you like it there.

    Tell me if it helps

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I am floored by the results. I also was able to dial out ALL the high end fizz in my sounds and cannot believe I have achieved an amp in the room sound through my IEM’s.

  • This is one of the coolest posts ever. It's obvious when thinking about it theoretically but not obvious how to accomplish.

    I will try this with my Mesa 4x12 w/v30s and see how it reacts.

    let me know what you think, I just this week got a 2x12 baltic birch theile cab and tomorrow I get the 2 Eminence Beta 12cx, ASD1001 Horn, and crossover so I will have a huge loud cab that I can use the full Kemper. I am using this theile cab now with 2 lead 80s and its amazing with using full profiles with the cab on, and i get the piece I was missing without using any EQ

  • so my apologies to all kemper forum members, in past week or so I had frustrations and had allot of negative comments from frustration. I have been in my constant battle and finally put my finger on the solution. The Kemper does in fact capture the full amp and it was my mistake thinking it didnt move a cab. I found my issue was not getting the volume right, I know increase the volume on the rig volume till I see a light flash on the output light then bring it down slowly until that light does not flash, it seems it sounds more forward and has that oomph. I also have found that the commercial profiles cabs and all sound great, I was just wasent using the right equipment for sound, my headphones werent great.

    I apologize for making the board negative, the reason for this post is to man up and own my actions, and also share my findings because when I first purchased the Kemper I dint find allot about the full set up, maybe its just me but getting the volume up before clipping, which the kemper has a ton of headroom really works for me and gives the profiles more punch

  • That's seriously-great, Matt!

    So many have misjudged the Kemper for all sorts of "operator-shortcoming" reasons, but not all have "manned up" as you did, so give yourself a pat on the back, mate.

    I'm just happy for you that you can now get your trousers to flap.

  • I like a little yellow glow in mine, but defitenly get nervous when I see red, although... I changed mine to blue so it goes from bluish purple to magenta kinda to red. Lol

    I've wondered though what a good rig volume should be when using stomps and real overdrives though. What I mean is, what does it take to get the kemper to yell at you. Example would be that immediate difference in volume , gain and amount of air moving when I playing my fender super sonic 60 1x12 combo on the clean bassman channel and then activate any fuzz,dist,od,etc. I've had a hard time transferring that same amount of clean headroom with the added pedal gain without the kemper either A: compressing and not increase in volume or B: sending the ins and outs into loads of flashing lights.