• Evening all

    I am struggling with Reamping. Now I have reamped for many years so I understand the concept. Also I have read the manual, read a great post on the forum and watched a few you tube videos.

    My problem is when selecting Git Studio as my output I get no signal.

    So far

    Return in to output on soundcard

    Direct out to input on sound card

    Main out in stereo to two inputs on soundcard

    Now from the tutorials it says to go to Input on Kemper and select Return Input Reamp.

    Go to output on Kemper and select Direct Out to Git Analog to record dry guitar, then set Main Out as Git Studio.

    When I do I get no sound at all unless I set Main Output to Stack.

    Also the signal is very low, mainly to start with as I have the - 12db select lol, but on my sound card I have my Pads in and the gain around 8.

    Also the Master Volume where do you have it set? Should this be maxed out or should Main set to Git Studio produce a line level signal.

    Sorry guys but I have read all I can and just want some assurances I'm not going to fry my baby