Searching for merged profiles with Celestion G12T-75 speakers. Anyone?

  • I've got some by Deadlight Studios, the JVM410 uses Marshall 1960Lead G12-T75 4x12 (they call it LARSBALL JWM 410).

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  • Are you interested especially in Celestion G12-75 cabs? You can buy original Celestion’s impulse responses, convert them with Kemper’s Cab maker and try them with any profile you want... if this is your case.. 8)

  • Did some experiences with Impulses here...actually was playing trying to make my first profile and ended up profiling the tube preamp of my Digitech RP21d + Impulses (4x12 G12T-75 - 2 mics: sm57 and rb160)...liked the result so decided to share i Rig Exchange.

    Feel free to let me know what you think...just search for author "claretimus". Rigs names are: GG - Rp21d STU (studio version with the impulses for cab) and GG - Rp21d DIR (without cab but only EL34 poweramp VST).\

    Nice is that Kemper does a really almost perfect copy hehehehe