Help - Crackling

  • Kemper is one month old. I’m noticing an intermittent crackling. Not my speaker cab. My input indicator is green. The profiles sound a bit too treble and thin. If this was inherent, there would be comments. Must be something associated with my settings. Anything obvious I’m missing?

  • It didn’t seem like there was much of an interest.
    Best I can determine, Shure GLX-D16, MacBook Pro, and Kemper PA were too close to each other. Haven’t heard it return once I separated everything, as I sussed it out. Haven’t been home, to perform the multivariate experiment - trip for family wedding in Chicago on the day after I first posted.

    For now, a perfect calm again on the Kemper Front.

  • Was great. Chicago rocks. But missed screwing around with the Kemper. It’s about to do its first gig. I have a powered head. Will use the full profiles FOH through the mains. I’ve been using one of my Z-Best 2x12 cabs as my monitor cab through the powered out, with the cab/mic switched out. That’s why I was freaked with the “crackling”. At first, thought I blew out the vintage Celestion and Cerwin Vega. Swapped the CV with an old JBL AlNiCo, and same thing. That’s when I started worrying about the Kemper and contacted “the community”. The Universe was kind, as it was just some Wi-Fi electromagnetic Interference. This weekend I’ve been trying to decide, if I should go passive FRFR, but there seems to be lots of answers, so I’m flummoxed. To be honest, I seem to like the Kemper through a guitar cab. After a million years of gear, I have some nice speakers hanging on a few walls, along with a variety of cabinets. I searched the forum, but things remain unclear. I see no purpose, in yet another thread, eh? I’m a new gumby with this product, and on this site. I don’t want to generate any deserved wrath with a troublesome poke.

    When will my talent upgrade be released?

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  • Great that the wedding trip turned out well, skydog.

    The thing is, if you don't mind all manner of Profiles' being played through a cab you love, then go that way.

    If, however, you want to be able to reproduce the authenticity of all the various amp Profiles you use through the cabinets they were Profiled with, as well as that of combos, FRFR is the only way to go.

    Personally, I like the greater spread of tones available in the latter's case, but that's easy for me to say 'cause I don't play live and don't use a dedicated cabinet either - just 'phones and studio monitors.

  • But I’ll be currently getting those tones/cabs FOH, right? I’m just not getting them thrown out to me on the stage. Am I correct?

    If I go FRFR, I get the full profiles both FOH and on-stage. But I have a powered Kemper, and have no clue which passive FRFR cab to purchase. I know that I don’t like dark-sounding cabs. My forum ID should make that obvious, lol, eh?

  • Correct, but personally I'd want to hear the same cabs they hear out front. It's a personal choice, but the QC side of me would want this. Many don't care, feeling that it's more-important that they get the "feedback" from the cab they love in order to play better.

    As for for the passive FRFR choice, if it's true to its namesake, it shouldn't sound dark.

    I saw your thread dedicated to this, but have nothing more to add as it's not my area. All I know is what I've read here.

    HTH anyway, 'dog-man.