Connecting Kemper Profiler Power Rack with UAD Apollo Twin | Re-amping

  • Hi guys,

    I joined the Kemper family yesterday and had a chance to spend a couple of hours with the unit (love it so far!). It’s now time to connect it to the system and it looks like it would be good to get some help with this ;) I completely forgot that the only cable it comes with is the power one.

    I’d like to connect my Kemper to UAD Apollo Twin audio interface and the way I’d like to do it is a bit like what we have with the software amp sims. I’d like to be able to hear what I play (the final sound), but in the same time record DIs and tweak them whenever I need with Kemper’s knobs after recording (basically I want to re-amp it ;)

    Is the above possible? If so, how can I do it and what cables would I need in this case?

    Many thanks,

  • Thanks. The problem is that in Apollo Twin I have an optical input for S/PDIF and can't find the cable with an optical connector on one side and the coaxial on the other one. I found some adapters, but I'm not sure what impact on the sound can this solution have.

  • I have tried a few SPDIF converters and they all gave crackles. I _didn't_ set sync to External so I'm tempted to try again (returned the converters). I you have success please let us know.

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  • I have used a couple of converter boxes and had success. I use the coaxial S/PDIF input on my Apollo 8. I believe the optical input on the Twin must be set to S/PDIF. I think that is done in Console, if I remember correctly. Make sure the KPA is set to Master. It outputs 44.1 khz sample rate, so be sure that the Twin is running at that sample rate.

  • Hi guys,

    whilst waiting for the adapter I’ve tried to reamp the analog way using balanced audio cables.

    Kemper OUT L - Apollo LINE 1 IN
    Kemper DIRECT OUT - Apollo LINE 2 IN
    Apollo LINE 3 OUT - Kemper RETURN INPUT

    In Logic I have 3 audio tracks:

    1) reference track receiving a signal from Kemper’s Output (INPUT Line 1 - STEREO OUT 1-2)
    2) DI recorded from Kemper’s DIRECT OUT (INPUT Line 2 - OUT Line 3)
    3) Final sound of DI run through Kemper (INPUT Line 1 - STEREO OUT 1-2)

    When I record guitars I set Input Source to ‘Front Input’ and then when I reamp I change it to ‘Return Input Reamp’. Everything’s pretty straightforward, but it’s not working properly in my case.

    The problem I have is that when I record a guitar and play DI through Kemper it sounds much quieter and muffled (and has more low end) than the reference track, both seem to have the same amount of gain so playing with Reamp Sens doesn’t help. Now, when I hit record on my track number 3 (final sound) and record it it sounds the same as the reference track. What do I do wrong here guys, why can’t I compare the DI sound run through Kemper with the reference track before I record the final sound I'm happy with?

    Many thanks,

  • Ok, all sorted now. I had to adjust the 'Clean Sens' for the DI sound as it's a bit hotter due to the output being set as 'Git Studio'. A couple more tweaks in Logic and UAD Console and it's all good, got the same sound from DI as a reference one ;)

  • Interested in this thread. I recently bought an Apollo MK II interface and here’s my silly question. Which analog output on my powered toaster should I use to connect to the Apollo to take full advantage of the Kemper while maintaining ease of use with the Apollo?

  • Hi Guys,

    Would love some advice on this fact. I thought I had done everything correctly. Proper SPDIF Cable and Coaxle, and bought what I thought was a nice converter... I tried all the sample rates and set my Apollo MKII clock to S/PDIF but still lots of pops and crackle and the apollo clock flashes red in the console meaning it isnt synced?

    I live in Japan so All the links are in Japanese but most of the info is there... If anyone could tell me where they think I am going wrong that would be great!!




  • From the manual...

    • If your PROFILER unit was built before 2018, you must set your audio interface clock as slave to S/PDIF, since that hardware is capable of running as master only. More recent PROFILER units, including PROFILER Stage, include an option labeled “Auto/Internal” in the Output Section, and can be used as slave if you prefer. • The PROFILER can generate a clock of 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96 kHz. With the PROFILER as the master, your audio interface and DAW will be clocked at the selected rate, and your DAW project should also be set accordingly. • Audio and clock signals share one SPDIF cable per direction of signal transmission. If your PROFILER slaves to an external clock, but sends an audio signal for recording, you will need to connect two SPDIF cables to avoid crackles and other artefacts. You will also need to connect two cables if the PROFILER is configured as clock master but is receiving an audio signal via SPDIF. We recommend purchasing two SPDIF cables and leaving them permanently connected.

  • Dmatthews,

    Thanks for the reply and great username.

    I THINK I have done all the settings right. On the Apollo Console I set the clock from internal to SPDIF, and set sample rate to 48 (I have tried 44.1 as well just to check).

    Also on the KPA I go to the output settings and change the SPIDF clock to 48 and also tried multiple SPDIF outputs. Don't see any setting to change the Kemper master clock so i'm assuming it is always in master clock mode.

    Still I get a crackle and pops and the Console clock flashes red on the SPIDF settings in console....

    Wondering if it is a hardware issue or just one setting or something that I have done incorrectly....