NAMM 2018

  • Ridiculous. Amps are basic. Show me any ‘real’ amp that has 1000 settings, tons of effects and cab adjustments built in, etc. NONE. You have at best on a real amp 4 channels, some tone knobs, midi, and that is it. So stop with the amp comparison, unless the kemper is limited to those amp features.

    The Kemper is a full blown processor, not unlike others in the past. Tc electronics had well layed out screen matrix, but also had an editor. It only makes sense. To say it is not needed is beyond silly. It’s the standard now.

    Ax Fx was top dog until Kemper came around, then Kemper came in with something new. There will most certainly be something newer and greater from someone else, so if no editor from Kemper, I’m sure in the future we will see better products with what is needed from someone else and can go there. The best tool for the job wins.

  • has nothing to do with me "wanting/needing more"
    Its just that every time Kemper does something, my musical life gets better,,much better,,
    so I always am happy to hear any news, anytime from the mother ship,This is not disappointing in the least,
    Its always better to have it right,, then fast,
    My 2 cents,,have a great day all,

  • For those of you that don't need an editor...good for you...that doesn't mean there's not a need for one or we shouldn't have one.
    When your rack is quite literally 30 feet away or at the bottom of a rack along with other gear -- making tweaks to tones is quite painful, literally -- or even impossible at such a distance.
    Good for you if your Kemper sits on your desk. That's not the case for some of us.
    The constant "I don't need an editor" so there shouldn't be one responses are flat out stupid.
    Every digital guitar system has an editor except the Kemper - some better than others - but flat out saying "we don't need one" is ridiculous.
    We don't "need" the Kemper itself if we're just blurting out something outlandishly dumb.
    I swear sometimes this place feels a bit too familiar to the snobby, arrogant 'fractal forum'.

  • Ive had Line 6 and Fractal gear that allowed for dual amps and found it more of a gimmick than a really usable feature. Its a lot of tweaking/matching and mucking around for not much benefit IMO.

    I would rather see better overdrives/reverbs as a priority and then maybe an editor (if only to save wear on the rotary knobs).

    I am in the camp that doesn't "need" an editor. But how freaking cool would it be to be able to create a new profile on the fly by mixing and matching cabs and amps?

  • Nor is Kemper "admitting failure" in making an editor because they "designed the hardware to function well without one." They're simply recognizing that such a feature would be quite beneficial to many (not all) of their current and potential customers. The hardware does function quite well by itself, but no amount of perfection in tweaking by hardware could ever satisfy someone that desires to put the Kemper in another room and tweak it without touching it. How could it? Likewise The Helix was designed to be quite convenient to work without an editor, and their willingness to create one doesn't diminish the ability of the hardware. And what is need after all? Many Kemper owners didn't like other digital options and stuck to using real amps and all the inconveniences of moving them, warming them up, micing them, prior to the Kemper. The Kemper without an editor is still vastly more convenient than what a lot of us did previously.

    The same people that say "I don't need X therefore they shouldn't make X" complain about the lack of different features that they want that others don't care about. Just throw it back at them. "I don't need Z therefore they shouldn't make Z" And if they don't desire any new features, why do they care one way or the other if Kemper designs things that they can just pretend don't exist?

  • They are actively looking for developers. Based on some of the skill sets required, I think it would be a good bet that some kind of software integration is coming.

    I'd also bet that, whatever it is, there will be people disappointed. Lol

    Happy for anything new to play with. Bring on Verbzilla 1.0!!

    Maybe they'll blow everyone away and demo the verbs with a beta editor.....

  • Might the developer they are hiring be tasked with helping getting alleged reverbs functioning properly, hence the insinuation that the reverbs are in the works but probably months not weeks, as someone said on this forum? To me a programmer might be needed to do many things, editor or not, KPA II or not, or even keeping the Rig Manager functioning with every subsequent IOS and Windows update.

  • We had this so many times it gets boring.I dont know if it is just me but from what I understand the kempers just told us for this NAMM and after the whole fuzz about the editor during the last months a very clear "take it or leave it"..what else is left for discussion;

    Back to work,have a nice evening gents.. ;)

  • Personally an editor only for the growing fx-capabilities and cab management would be enough for me.I see no reason for editing stack and stomps with the help of an editor.Same for "basic" delay and reverb settings.The parameters in the stomp section are few,well choosen and "intuitive" like with a real pedal.For many reasons it is a good idea to keep it like this (live situations and also stressy studio jobs where they give you just an hour to nail it into the DAW..).

    I also wouldn't need an editor to change parameters and values.
    But a management for the presets of effects, cabs, amps etc. would be quite urgently needed.

    Kemper has created a situation with their development work since its release that the many possibilities are no longer manageable.
    The Rigmanager or something similar needs to be extended by a preset management, otherwise a further development of effects and possibilities becomes rather pointless.
    It reminds me on a race car with small wheels.

    I am looking forward to new reverbs, but I have already problems overseeing the new delays or even the possibilities of Cabs.

    BTW: Obviously I was right not to expect to much 8)

  • A plug-in editor would be amazing, eapecially if the studio has an extra monitor and the producer/engineer will let the guitarist use it.

    A free standing editor is still the most useful tool for so many previously communicated applications. And this is coming from someone who has done dozens and dozens of shows with nothing more than a single expression pedal (or since morphing, two). So I definitely appreciate as much as anyone the ease with which many "gig" parameters can be tweaked on the fly. But creating and a/b'ing subtle variations between profiles in the studio is still an unnecessarily wonky, twisty-turny, cut and paste process.

    But I've never stopped working, am still getting sweet tones—always better when I put in the hours— and I'm hopefull that some nice developments are still ahead for this device, whether or not they're everything I wish for.

    As for the KPA team; hang in there! Manning a convention booth in a noisy, crowded flourescent-lit mega-hall—despite the rewards of the human relationships component—can be a draining, mind-numbing experience.

  • I don't think we'll see any kind of editor any time soon. At if we ever do, you can bet it won't be a freebie.

    As software is being installed on various computer environments, hardware and operating systems, this would definitely bring its fair share or problems for some users which will require a lot of tech support. Also, users would be asking for additional features and bug fixes all the time. Kemper would have to manage a support team just for the editor.

    Based on user's opinions on this forum, not everyone would buy one. I assume they would have to sell it at quite a high price in order to provide such support.

    If Kemper thought an editor would be a good business move, it would have been available a long time ago.

    That said, I would buy it............. :-)

  • I don't think we'll see any kind of editor any time soon. At if we ever do, you can bet it won't be a freebie.

    As software is being installed on various computer environments, hardware and operating systems, this would definitely bring its fair share or problems for some users which will require a lot of tech support.

    Since we already have Rig Manager I don't think Rig Manager with a built in editor would cause more problems.