Can we all agree on a list of 5 classic OD we would wish

  • The Kemper TS sounds pretty spot on to my Analog Man TS808 modded TS9. Perfect for me because I use that overdrive the most. Some of the other distortions and especially the fuzzes are where I think Kemper could make big improvements. I hope to see an update that is like the Strymon Riverside and Sunset. The Riverside is a flexible tube algo based OD and Dist and the Sumset is a Transistor and Diode based OD and Dist and both can be adjusted to mimic most all similar pedals.

  • I once was able to compare

    a TS 808 narrow-Box with an

    80s TS9

    a TS9 reissue

    and an analog-man modified TS9

    all linked to the KPA loaded with a clean Fender-Profile

    The differencies for me were really subtle

    The profiler's TS-Model was slightly but audible different to all of them. I wouldn' t say worse, but not complete authentic to the real-stomps.

    Though at the end I got rid of all my TS-Stompboxes because the Overall-Sound of the Profiler ist really convincing.

  • I've never understood what these profiles really are. Are they profiles of an amp with Klon in front? If so what amp and settings? They list various mics and mention Studio Profiles but don't give any other details that I can see.

    Or are they profiles of the Klon itself? In which case you will need another profiler or an amp to run them through.

    As I understand it what people seem to be asking for is a Klon type effect that can be used and tuned to taste in front of any profile of the player's choice rather than baked into a studio profile already.

  • Actually, I've just found it. The profiles are made with a Cornford and an ISO box.

    "To do that, we needed an Amp that sounded as clean and transparent as possible…a real stompboxes “eater”! Our choice was the Cornford MK50H II Amp Head. We also decided to use a Montarbo Isobox equipped with a Celestion V30 speaker, in order to completely and perfectly isolate the profiling process. We didn’t want any ambient reflection, we just wanted to catch the pure tone!"

    It's an interesting idea but to my mind it is really a Conrford pack rather than a Klon pack.

  • As I understand it what people seem to be asking for is a Klon type effect that can be used and tuned to taste in front of any profile of the player's choice rather than baked into a studio profile already.

    This is right, thank you. A Klon-style pedal also functions great as a boost, so you would need the ability to enable/disable it. Though I tend to keep mine always on, with the gain set low,

  • +1

    just got a Klon Clone and I really like it (far more than any greens or OCDs). But I hate to take Pedals on the stage since I got the Kemper. So I´ll try out the "mouse" workaround mentioned earlier. But yes, a nice Klon stomp is really missing in the Kemper as I see it.

    edit: just tried to get the sound of the pedal (or even in the direction) with one of the earlier mentioned tricks and settings. Nah. Not for me. It is not any near that soothing (hehe, you know that vst plugin?) sound...

    So: Make us a Klon Stomp for the Stomp section! Pleasssssse :)

  • Tandrin try the additional Compressor for more "soothing" - I know what you're talking 'bout

    yah. I experimented with that. It is like a compressor is one side of the thing. But the other side is missing. And that is clipped sound, not compressed. So a Disto or overdrive must be in parallel. And that is the tricky point. It has to be paralell clean compressed and overdriven and then mixed again, and THEN into the AMP.

    My problem is, that I like to mix in some Direct Mix (2.0) in the cab section (which sound awesome on highgain and that cheapo Klon Clone). So the parallel path (the bass player thingy) is not suitable for what I want. I just need a parallel compressor/overdrive with mix parameter and without coloration. So I need a Klon Centaur thingy as a Stomp. Hopefully Kemper will add this nice disto technique as a stomp someday.

  • +1, Klon has its place in the guitar history.

    I do have a RYRA "The Klone pedal", and it adds some unique juice in front of the Kemper.

    A klon stomp with Gain, Treble, Output levels + a tone control to add some bottom end like the Tumnus, would replace many pedals for sure.

  • Re: Klon

    Which one do you profile? Numerous testing through the years have shown that the originals can vary quite a bit from one another. I think that's one of the reasons why none of the various clones have ever stood out over all the rest - same with the original 808/TS9, although since SRV popularized his version of it the majority just seem to want 'that' tone instead of a anything original.

    If Kemper tackles it I hope they use a modern KTR as a reference.

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  • For me the general type of the Klon-distortion would be wonderful and enough. I am not in search of a special single sounding device. The Kemper Stomps are often far above what can be done in hardware (think of the ducking etc.). So I hope for a surprise and a very broad usable "Klon"-Type Stomp.

    The main charackteristica of that toy would be cool (no screamer mid hump! Broad sounding overdrive. And this strange mix behavior of the Gain Knob :)). I am not interested in the minimal and partly esotheric differences between some Klons. Take the KTR and clone that Klon into a stomp and I think pleeeeeeenty of people will be happy. The others already have their tubescreamer stomp :)

    CK from above, you gave us the green scream
    now give us the Klon Clone

    and let us teenagers of the 90s shine, too

    pleeeeeeeaaaaaasseeee! :)


  • I don't think it's that easy, only the initial amp setting [ with or without pedals as part of the chain ] is profiled

    everything else is created or manipulated after the fact, right?

    I like my klon clone for the lowest gain setting that has a slight compressed thickness to it , like having a different pick up.